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15 Best Highest Paying Jobs in Germany for International Student


If you are planning an overseas career in Germany, the good news is that there is a lot of work in Germany and according to the latest reports, there is also a skill shortage. In 2030, Germany was expected to have a skill shortage of at least 3 million workers. So, what is the highest paying profession in demand in Germany in 2021.

The highest paying jobs will be in the fields of engineering, mechanics, electricity and IT. Due to the aging population in this country, there will be a high demand for nurses and caregivers in the health care sector. Other sectors promising very married jobs include car manufacturing, shipbuilding, textiles, telecommunications, and the travel and tourism industries.

Why only in Germany?

Germany is one of the cheapest countries you can choose to study abroad and is an interesting country when it comes to student job opportunities. Germany is one of the top European countries in terms of the number of people who look for good pay and useful jobs.

Many doors can open a lot of doors to the German work market for international students to successfully graduate from German universities or colleges. EU and EE graduates have free access to the German work market. After completing their academic studies, graduates from other countries aiming to find work must extend their residence permit for 18 months. However, he was allowed to work during this time.

In Germany, the main sectors looking for international workers include chemicals, engineering, electronics, IT, machinery, coal, vehicles, machine tools, food and beverage, shipbuilding, and textiles. In the recent development sector, telecommunications, high-tech products, automotive industry, banking, and tourism, so there is a lot to choose from. To get a high-paying job in Germany, having the right university or college degree is an important step and your salary should be worth it. Check out some of the paid jobs in Germany and study what master’s degrees are worth it for them.

15 Best Highest Paying Jobs in Germany for International Students:

1. Portfolio manager:(salary: €80,200):

Portfolio managers are assigned to provide advice and investment interventions for individuals or organizations. They are generally responsible for investing large amounts and are therefore compensated. This role requires expert knowledge about financial markets and transactions, along with network skills and relationship management capabilities.

2. Lawyer -(salary: €80,000):

Lawyers must have an encyclopedic understanding of legal practices and cases and act on behalf of clients in law agreements, courtrooms, and courtrooms. They are highly regarded because they require not only to have expert legal knowledge but also to articulate what is understandable, such as in front of a jury or swinging in their own way. Argument. It is a very complex profession.

3. Risk manager -(salary: €76,500):

The risk manager is a very systematic and analytical person, assigned to identify and control capital risk or investment risk. These risks can be external or internal to an organization.

The risk manager has a wider role than the actors, often asking them to identify ‘positive risks’. This is a type of risk that, if you can be carefully managed, can be found in financial gifts such as financial speculation.

4. Sales managers (salary – €116,000):

The expected rapid growth in the sales and retail sectors will create more opportunities for sales professionals. The main requirements for this job are considering the needs of the market and thinking of strategies to enter the market more effectively.

5. IT & Data Science Experts (salary – €47,000):

With Internet marketing hubs, the IT industry has seen an increased demand for professional developers to carry out first-world brand awareness initiatives. IT and science data has successfully shown above annual average wages for professionals who meet these requirements in the digital world.

6. Medicine and Dentistry

The world is blessed with dentists and doctors. High levels of health are considered to be one of the key factors in a country’s well-being. Medical occupations are among the most highly paid in Germany.

Doctors and dentists are expected to earn the most money than those with other degrees. The average annual salary is EUR79,538.

7. Law

It is also important to have lawyers. A country that has a strong justice system will appear more advanced and fair to its citizens. We are often faced with difficult decisions when it comes to finding the right lawyer for us.

This is easy in Germany. Law and medicine are the most difficult degrees to be admitted into. They are highly valued due to their high admission criteria and the challenging nature of the courses. Lawyers are well-paid due to their hard work and importance in society.

The average annual salary of a lawyer is EUR74 013.

8. Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is the third-highest paying degree. This branch of engineering focuses on making organizations and companies more efficient. This can be used with products or services.

It is responsible for reducing the time it takes to produce something. It is concerned with reducing time, money, or employee hours that do not contribute to the company’s productivity.

This degree is highly sought-after by companies looking to improve efficiency. It pays an astonishing EUR70,288 annually

9. Engineering

Engineering’s standard degree includes knowledge of all aspects and branches of engineering.

Because of their scientific nature, engineering degrees can be some of the most challenging. Engineers must be extremely precise as even small mistakes could have huge consequences. Engineers are also well compensated. Engineering degree holders earn an average of EUR69,850 annually.

10. Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics has been valued for its science. Mathematicians are responsible for all the calculations required. They create models and formulas that solve complex and difficult problems.

Computer scientists are also important due to the advancement of technology. Computer scientists discover algorithms and models that allow us to communicate with one another only through a small screen.

These degrees are highly paid due to our dependence on computer science and mathematics. A diploma in either one of these subjects can lead to a yearly average salary of EUR68.241.

11. Natural Sciences

Biology, chemistry, and physics are all exact sciences. They are essential for creating precise materials, understanding the laws of nature, and discovering new organisms. These three sciences have been making important discoveries about the world that we live in over time.

This is why those who have degrees in any of these natural sciences receive substantial compensation. They earn salaries of around EUR66,954 annually.

12. Business and Economics

The difference between success and failure is knowing how to run a company and create its strategy. Public and private companies and organizations need people who understand the economics and business basics.

We rely on our economy and businesses for employment and income. Therefore, these people are paid around EUR65,404 annually.

13. Architecture

Architects design the structures and buildings we live in and work in. They design our spaces and how we use them. They are skilled at not only designing buildings that look great but also in making sure they are strong and resistant to collapse.

Together with engineers, architects create spaces that meet our daily and work needs. They are well paid for their work, as the average annual salary of an architect is EUR55,822.

14. Psychology

Mental well-being is as important as physical health. While doctors and dentists tend to our teeth and bodies, psychologists care for our minds. People are increasingly dealing with anxiety, depression, and other stress-related issues.

Psychology and its branches train people who can talk with us and help us solve our mental health problems. They provide medication and work slowly to improve our health. It is a demanding job and it is difficult to get the education required. Their salaries are high at around EUR55,204 annually.

15. Earth Science

Earth is our planet and we have yet to find an alternative. We have been fascinated by its structure and how it functions. We are also interested in how it evolves and how we can take better care.

This is what Earth Scientists study. They examine the structure of the earth, its oceans and its weather. Climate change and its impact on us is becoming increasingly important.

Earth scientists are experts in Earth science and can provide advice and answers on how to save our planet. They also make a good living. This degree is worth around EUR53713 per year.

These 10 highest-paid German degrees are not the only ones that are highly paid. They were also more scientifically and accurately oriented. However, there are other valuable degrees. These degrees are more theoretical and visual than the sciences, which is why they rank lower. These degrees are still considered to be high-salary and provide life satisfaction. These degrees are:

  • Social Sciences and Political Sciences – EUR52.974
  • Teaching – EUR50,000
  • Philosophy and the Humanities – EUR47,022
  • Historical and Cultural Sciences – 46,836
  • Design – EUR46.075
  • Education and Pedagogy – EUR45,116

Final thoughts:

Given that there are many paid jobs to choose from from a variety of diverse industries, working in Germany is an interesting proposition.

Be sure to be able to plan international moves carefully. It may be a good idea to spend several weeks to see if the environment and culture are a good fit for you. Take the time to check visa requirements to work in Germany, as this varies based on your home nationality.

Lastly, always save the transfer and spend your new life in terms of what you might need to spend, education and school transportation. That means once you get the job done there won’t be any nasty surprises.

Germany offers many paid roles in a variety of industries. This makes it a very desirable place to pursue your career with a peaceful, safe and clean German environment, with a peaceful, safe and clean environment.

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