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A large number of patients are back hospitalized, pleads with PM for beds

Although cases of corona infections are being reported at a controlled rate in the capital city, the situation in hospitals has become direr. The beds in these hospitals are becoming increasingly crowded because there is a shortage of beds. In these hospitals, there is a rise in increasing the number of people with dengue, post-covid, and non-covid issues have grown, but not corona.

In the report of the Municipal Corporation, 480 dengue patients were reported to the hospital up until the 9th of October this year. In total, 139 dengue patients were discovered within the last week. This is the highest number of patients were identified compared to the previous two years. Meanwhile, the situation in hospitals is that they are beginning to fill because of dengue. The situation in Max Patparganj is so bad that all beds are filled. There was not a single bed empty on Wednesday afternoon. Similar to other hospitals in Fortis, Apollo and Max have higher dengue cases. In addition, there’s an abundance of competition for beds at AIIMS, Safdarjung, Lok Nayak, and GTB Hospital.

Appeal to the Prime Minister to increase bed sizes

AIIMS Doctor Vijay Gurjar has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi via social media, stating that his friend visited all hospitals in Delhi however, his mother was not admitted to any hospital. He also visited the emergency department at AIIMS but there were no beds available which are why beds need to be made available in hospitals.

Additionally, there is a huge demand for blood and platelets.

In addition to filling beds in hospitals, there has been an increase in the need for platelets and blood to treat dengue. In some places, platelets are sold at a price of 10 to fifteen thousand dollars. As per the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital, New Delhi The demand for platelets has increased dramatically, but the hospital stated that it’s challenging to fulfill the needs of each patient. However, AIIMS Nursing Officer Mukesh Singhal stated that because of dengue the hospital has a lot of demands platelets within these hospitals too. A lot of people are requesting that other medical facilities come to AIIMS.

Platelets discovered in Ghaziabad

When Savita Verma who is a resident of Punjabi Bagh, reached Delhi AIIMS after visiting five hospitals majorly with her daughter She was advised to visit Safdarjung Hospital here too. After arriving at Safdarjung Hospital, her daughter was admitted to the emergency room, however, later in the evening, it was discovered that she suffered from dengue. His platelets have decreased steadily to 9000 because of which urgent platelets must be transferred to stop bleeding. Savita states she went to the hospital on Tuesday after having traveled to various places, she visited Ghaziabad and received platelets for which she needed to pay 11000 rupees. Additionally, two people were required to donate blood.

Ankur 32-year-old Ankur citizen from Mandawali within East Delhi is suffering from an uncommon disease known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. In the last few days, following an accident on the road, the condition has been re-inflamed and he requires urgent medical attention. Ankur claims that in the last week, the hospital he visited has been busy. in the capital city, but there are beds everywhere. Even on Wednesday at Max Hospital, Patparganj, there was no empty bed.

  • The total number of dengue cases totaled 480. The week preceding, was the time 139 patients were discovered.
  • This year, the total number of malaria patients were have been 127. Last week, 14 patients were identified
  • The total number of patients suffering from Chikungunya this year was 62. six were discovered in the last week

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