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Agneepath Scheme: Announcement of dates to the application process for recruitment to the three armies. You will be denied when there is an FIR

In the midst of ongoing protests in opposition to the Agneepath plan, the army has released an in-depth explanation of the plan in an open press conference. Additional Secretary of the Department of Military Affairs, Lieutenant Gen Anil Puri said that this plan was formulated after extensive deliberation. Discussions on this plan was ongoing for the last two years. The aim of this plan is to foster synergy between the enthusiasm of the young. The minister said that the Agneepath scheme will benefit youngsters. All Agniveers will receive benefits similar to soldiers of the common era. They will receive more allowances and amenities than they currently enjoy. Concerning the retirement age, Anil Puri said that each year, around 17600 people take premature retirement from all three sectors. Nobody has ever dared to inquire about what he’d do in the event of his retirement? He stated that this program is a step in the right direction for the future of youth. In addition, the army has advised that if there’s an FIR filed against any young person and he is found guilty, he will not be allowed for enlistment in the military.

An announcement of the dates to begin recruitment for the three services.

In the same vein, the army also revealed the dates when they will start the process of recruitment for the three service branches. The Army has stated that the recruitment process begins on July 1st. In the meantime, the process for recruitment of the Air Force will start on June 24, while the recruiting process for the Navy will begin on June 25.

The process for transferring the next batch of personnel to the Indian Air Force will start at the end of June.

Air Marshal SK Jha said that the process of appointing the first batch of Agniveers to the Indian Air Force will start on June 24. It is an online process. The registration process will begin on the system. One month later, on July 24, the Phase-I online examinations will commence. Air Marshal SK Jha said that by the end of December the Agniveer’s first batch will be enrolled in the Air Force. The course of training for the batch will commence before December 30th.

The Navy will issue a notice on June 25,

Navy Vice Admiral D.K. Tripathi stated that we’ve begun our recruitment process. In June the advertisement will be sent to our Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The process for securing the positions will begin within one month. The first candidate will be enrolled at our training center on November 21st.

The army will issue a notification on the 1st of July

The Army will announce the announcement on July 1st. Then the recruitment process will begin.

There’s no chance of getting a shot in the event of An FIR Army

The army has also voiced its displeasure with the protests taking place across the nation. The army has stated that certain institutions that have taken funds for preparation from students are encouraging the students. The army would like to be clear that if there’s an FIR filed against any young person and he is found guilty, they will not give him an opportunity to be a part of the army.

Agniveers who have sacrificed their lives for the cause will be awarded an amount of one million rupees.

Anil Puri said that Agniveers who have given their lives in service of their country will receive an award of one million. Agnivars will receive the same benefits and allowances in areas such as Siachen and other places that are in place for regular soldiers. There will not be any discrimination in terms of their service.

There will not be any discrimination in terms of service: Anil Puri

Lieutenant Gen Anil Puri stated that ‘Agniwar will be able to enjoy the same benefits and allowances in areas such as Siachen and in other places that are available to regular soldiers. There will be no discrimination against those who are antiwar in terms of their service.

Indian Air Force also released the details for recruitment

Indian Air Force has released the recruitment details under Agneepath Scheme. In the description, the IAF has said the following: Agneepath is a brand new human resource management system for the military. The applicants who are accepted under this program will be referred to as Agniveer. They will be enlisted for four years in accordance with the Air Force Act 1950. The effort will be made to include candidates as Agniveers from all over the nation.

This is the limit at which you can attain the age of

Candidates aged 17.5 years to 21 are eligible to take part in this selection process. The recruitment period will last for a period of four years. After that 25 percent of people will be returned to the normal cadre based on of their performance. Note that the candidates do not have the right to be chosen for further recruitment into the Armed Forces. The selection process will fall under only the exclusive responsibility of the State Government. Admission as Airmen to the cadres of regular service in the Indian Air Force, other than Medical Tradesmen, is available only to those with completed terms of service as Agniveers.

Be aware of the most important things to know:

  • I joined the Air Force for four years.
  • Each year, 30 days of leave are available.
  • The sick leave option will also be accessible.
  • Every month, 30 thousand dollars in salary.
  • Increases every year.
  • Travel, dress, risk as well as hardship compensation.
  • Medical facility and canteen.
  • 10.04 lakh as a service fund to Agniveers following four years.
  • Priority in employment for women Assam Rifles and CAPFs.
  • A sum of around one million dollars, including insurance for the family members who died in martyrdom.
  • Ex-gratia for disability, and the remaining earnings from the job plus service money.
  • Honor and distinction in accordance with Air Force guidelines.
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