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Agnipath scheme is not going to be reinstated as was announced at the press conference held by the three services.

Following news of the Agneepath scheme by the central government on Tuesday, a series of violent protests have been taking place across several states. Today marks five days into the protest. Over the last 4 days of protests, demonstrators burned trains and damaged public property in a variety of areas. One person also passed away in Telangana. The three armies held an open press conference. In this press conference, what key statements did the army make in the following paragraphs?

Compensation of one crore rupees will be paid.

The Additional Secretary of the Department of Military Affairs Lieutenant Gen Arun Puri stated that Agniveers who gave their lives for the cause of their country will be awarded the sum of Rs.1 million.

Facilities will be in place for regular soldiers.

The “Agniveer” will be entitled to the same benefits and allowances in areas such as Siachen and in other places that are currently available to regular soldiers. There will be no discrimination in terms of their service.

Agnipath Scheme

The process for recruitment starts in Army starting on July 1

In the midst of protests in the country, the Army has set the dates of the process of recruitment for the three forces at the press conference. The Army has stated that its recruitment process for the new recruits will begin on July 1st.

The process for the first batch of applicants to the Air Force on June 24

Air Marshal SK Jha said that the process of appointing the first batch of Agniveers into the Indian Air Force will start at the end of June. It’s an online system. The registration process will begin with it. Within one month of July 24, the Phase-1 online exams will begin.

The Navy will issue a notification on June 25,

Navy Vice Admiral D.K. Tripathi stated that we’ve begun our recruitment process. In June our advertisement will reach our Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The process for securing the positions will begin within one month. The first candidate will be enrolled at our training center on November 21st.

The ‘Agneepath Yojana’ won’t be returned

Lieutenant Gen Anil Puri said that this plan will not be canceled in any way. For a soldier to join an army primary condition is discipline, and youngsters should be calm and comprehend the strategy.

There are Agniveers in the country. Could grow to 1.25 lakh in the near future.

Lt Gen Puri stated that in the near term the number of Agniveers will rise to 1.25 lakh, and not be at 46,000 as is currently the case.

If you have an FIR, you’ll have no chance

Lieutenant Gen Puri stated that each candidate who wants to be an Agniveer must provide a document proving that they did not participate in arson, protests, or sabotage and that he was not involved in violence. The police verification process is 100% and without it, no one can be accepted. If an FIR is filed against a candidate, then they will not be able to be admitted to the Indian Armed Forces. They will be required to indicate on the application form that they did not participate in the arson. of the arson. Their police verification will be conducted.

Then, you have to give a medical examination

The Army has stated that those who have passed the medical test two years ago for enlistment in Regular Army are going to have to undergo the medical examination once more.

Age relaxation for “Agniveers”

On Thursday this week, The Union Home Ministry announced a relaxation in the age limit for Agniveers. The age limit was raised from 21 and 23. The ministry announced via an announcement on Twitter that the age limit for the first batch of Agniveers will be five years.

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