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Assessment: The entire city of Delhi is Kovid proof with 1.50 million doses. The vaccination campaigns will be completed within three months

In the words of the Health Department, apart from Delhi residents from other states are also receiving the vaccine at vaccination centers. The only information on vaccinations is available on Covin’s website. Covin website. Based on an estimate, two-thirds of the people are outside of the state and take the vaccine through the vaccine center in Delhi.


In order to stop corona vaccinations in Delhi The government currently requires around 1.50 million doses of vaccines. From this, one hundred doses will be given to people who need to take another dose. The other 50 lakh are required to administer both doses. In contrast, more than 1.84 million vaccinations have been administered in Delhi so far. This information is derived from reports of the Health Department of the Delhi Government.

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The report states that the earlier the capital city of the nation receives a vaccination, the quicker this goal can be reached. If 50-50 lakh vaccines will be being made available over during the next 3 months then, by the end of December, treatment of the two doses vaccine is also possible. Delhi is currently able to give vaccines to more than 3 million people in one day. If we adhere to the three-month interval between two doses the vaccination is almost completed, however, the current situation is that vaccine isn’t expected to be complete this year.

According to the data up to Oct. 4, the total vaccine in Delhi was 1,84,42,572 of which 1.22 million people have received one dose. In contrast, 61.47 thousand people have completed corona vaccination, taking two doses. Because the adult population of the age 18 and over in the capital is around 1.50 crores. In such a scenario, Delhi will need about 30 lakhs of people to complete the first dose, and around one million vaccines to finish the vaccination for the second dose within the next days. In all there is a need for the Health Department has estimated the requirement to purchase 1.30 to 1.50 million vaccines.

As per the Kovin website Kovin website, vaccinations are daily administered at 1396 locations in Delhi. The free vaccine is available in government-run centers every day including Sundays during the week. Because of this, approximately 1.50 to 2 thousand people receive daily the vaccine in Delhi. When we examine the current status of vaccinations for weekly in the very first instance since the 16th of January, Delhi recorded 11.59 lakh vaccinations between September 18-24. Between September 25 to October 1, the figure was recorded as 11.26 lakh. The previous record for the most number of vaccinations was set from June 26 to July 2 in which 10.96 lakh vaccines were administered within seven days.

A senior official has stated that Delhi requires around 50 lakh doses of vaccine each month to complete vaccination in December of this year. When you look at the current situation the capital city is not receiving even 60 percent of the vaccine currently and this is the reason why the vaccination process is also moving at a rapid pace. He stated it is because Delhi is a tiny and limited state in comparison with other states. In Delhi, vaccinations can be stopped within three or four months, however, the amount of vaccine is the key to this.

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Even people from outside are getting the vaccines in Delhi

As per the Department, aside from Delhi residents from other states also receive the vaccine at vaccination centers. The only information on vaccinations is posted to Covin’s website. Covin website. According to an estimate, around two-thirds of the individuals are outside of the state, and they are getting the vaccine by visiting the center for vaccination in Delhi. Other than NCR these people are also those who do not possess an Aadhar card or a voter’s card from Delhi. This means that over the next few days, Delhi may need more than 1.30 crore vaccinations. However, this exact evaluation is only possible after a month after the single-dose vaccine is finished.

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