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BJP leaders say: Rahul Gandhi was partying with the Chinese ambassadors in Kathmandu nightclub. They demanded clarification from Congress

A video of the former Congress President Rahul Gandhi was released on Tuesday, in which he was seen having a drink with his friends in an evening club. Following the video, which went online, Rahul Gandhi has once again been under the scrutiny of the BJP. A woman can be photographed alongside Rahul Gandhi, who BJP leaders claim is China’s representative to Nepal.

Social media of the Uttar Pradesh BJP’s Co-Convenor Shashi Kumar has said that the woman featured in the clip is the Chinese ambassador to Nepal. He tweeted”Rahul Gandhi is tweeting from a bar located in Kathmandu together with the Chinese ambassador in Nepal about the dire state of Nepal’s Indian economy. Congress must come out regarding this partnership.

A different BJP head Kapil Mishra wanted to know whether Rahul Gandhi was having a party alongside Chinese representatives in Nepal? In a tweet, he said that this was not the personal life that of Rahul Gandhi. Is Rahul Gandhi in contact with Chinese agents? What did Rahul Gandhi tweet about our military coming in response to pressures from China? He stated that questions will be asked. The question isn’t about Rahul Gandhi, but rather about the country.

Smriti Irani who was defeated in Amethi is in Wayanad

The clip of Rahul Gandhi is being released during a time BJP chief also Amethi MP Smriti Iraniani is traveling to Wayanad in Kerala which is Rahul Gandhi’s constituency in the parliamentary elections. Prior to the 2019 general election, Rahul Congress lost in Amethi against Smriti Irani. We’re happy to inform the world of the fact that Rahul Gandhi currently is traveling to Nepal in order to celebrate the marriage ceremony of his journalist colleague Sumnima Udas. The ceremony of marriage took place on Monday evening at the Hotel in Kathmandu.

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