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Charlize Theron Shares An Exciting Behind-The-Scenes Look At Her Doctor Strange 2 Role

“Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness” is packed with surprising moments. The most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe film begins with an alternate universe version of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) fighting for protection against a multiversal traveler known as America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) and it gets even more bizarre and more shocking from there. While certain aspects of the “Doctor Strange” sequel’s most exciting surprise elements were revealed in the first trailers and promotional materials released, many of the film’s twists, cameos, and surprises were kept under strict secret until the film’s premiere on the big screen.

One of those unexpected moments doesn’t appear until the scene in the middle of “Multiverse of Madness” that sees the Earth-616’s Stephen Strange get stopped in New York by a blonde-haired woman wearing a purple costume. A mysterious figure uses a mysterious dagger to break open a cosmic portal and informs Strange that she requires his assistance to repair the multiverse rift Strange is believed to have caused. After being a bit irritated by the female, Strange agrees to go along with her. The story is concluded with the two people jumping through the portal together.

Although the scene doesn’t provide any details about the new character her appearance at the conclusion of “Multiverse of Madness” remains a huge impact due to her being played by the legendary Charlize Theron. In just an entire week after the release of the film, Theron has released a behind-the-scenes preview of the production of the film. MCU debut.

Charlize Theron has officially become an official member of the MCU

In a recent tweet, Charlize Theron tweeted the 15-second compilation of videos and images taken during the filming of her improbable scene from “Doctor Strange, in the Multiverse of Madness.” The clips seem to show her being taken through an entire room of cameras, while in her character from the film. The other images simply show Theron in an armchair.

The clips don’t provide any new information regarding the role of Theron on Theron’s role in the “Doctor Strange” sequel as well as Benedict Cumberbatch is noticeably absent from the collection. The couple’s brief appearance during “Multiverse of Madness” is a hint that Marvel fans could be looking forward to watching Cumberbatch and Theron appear together onscreen in the MCU in the near future.

Furthermore, even though her character’s name isn’t mentioned during the “Multiverse of Madness” in the middle of the credits, Theron did confirm on May 10 (via Twitter) that she was playing the MCU’s version, Clea. According to the comics (via Marvel Database), Clea is the niece of Dormammu, yet despite being related to one of his adversaries Clea is gradually becoming one of Stephen’s most surprising allies. They eventually wed their partners in the comics and Clea even assumes the role of Stephen’s Sorcerer Supreme when Stephen dies in one instance.

Fans will need to wait and find out if Clea’s path on the big screen will be akin to the path she’s been on in the comics. However, from her recent posts on social media, it’s evident that Theron is extremely enthusiastic about the possibility of her MCU role.

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