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Crime scene 1, FIR in two police stations. The court was shocked at the police’s attitude and sought a response from DCP

The court was surprised by the way the police registered the crime scene at Delhi riots in two separate police stations. The court directed the DCP North East to explain how police can register FIRs at two different stations, while the center of the riots is still being registered or where the firing and petrol bombs took place.

Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Yadav raised this question during the hearing of indictment against Tahir Hussain, former AAP councilor and others in FIR registered at Dayalpur Police Station. He asked for clarification from Dayalpur SHO and regional ACP Gokalpuri on the matter, but neither could provide any satisfactory explanation.

The court took the matter seriously and directed the regional DCP, to explain why the FIR had been lodged at two different stations while petrol bombs were being hurled, and firing took place from Tahir Hussain’s house, the epicenter, of the riots. Has been done.

People from different communities were hit with petrol bombs

Advocate Rizwan, representing Hussain, brought attention to the court by stating that a case had been filed against him at Khajuri Khas station. Similar allegations are made against Hussain in this FIR, namely that petrol bombs were hurled from Hussain’s roof at residents of various communities.

Demand to file supplementary charges sheet, not filed yet

He asked how a case could be registered at another police station if it was similar to the one in the FIR. DK Bhatia, the Special Prosecution Officer, requested an adjournment for 30 days to allow him to initiate arguments. This was because the CMM court was about ready to file the supplementary charge sheets. The court stated that the supplementary charges sheet requested to be filed had not been filed. This cannot be used as a reason to request an adjournment. The prosecution can always ask for a modification of the charge once the supplementary charges have been filed in this court.

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