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Engineer landfill site is to be constructed with 42 crores of Okhla the garbage will not be visible

The Okhla landfill will not be a landfill site for garbage until 2024. Nor will the smell of the landfill cause discomfort to those around. South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) is working hard to construct the first designed landfill in this area. The site for the landfill will be constructed across 24 acres located in Tehkhand. The contract to construct it is being awarded by West Management Company of Mumbai for around 42 crores.

SDMC’s aim was to complete the Okhla landfill in 2023. There is no current method of collecting the waste from dumpsites or stop leachate pollution of groundwater. Today more than 3600 tonnes of waste is produced in the area every day. The areas surrounding the landfill are affected by water and air pollution for years. The landfill site will be free of the issue soon.

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Leachate collection as well as covered dumped and disposal will be conducted on the site of the engineered landfill. BK Oberoi, chairman of the standing committee of the Southern Corporation, told that the Mumbai-based firm that was awarded the contract will begin working by the closing of this month.

BK Oberoi said that out of the 24 acres of Tehkhand 10 feet deep bathtub shaped like a pond will be constructed in approximately 7 acres. Its bottom will feature two layers of plastic waterproofing. The first layer will comprise clay and the other will be clay. Then comes the concrete layer and cement. The waste will be dumped inside the structure.


A water treatment plant will be installed.

Water and leachate will be divided from garbage using a scientific technique in the waste disposal site. Leachate will be separated in the pipe. The treated water will go directly to the treatment plant and be released into the sewers following treatment.

The soil and water won’t be contaminated. PC Meena, Chief Engineer, Southern Corporation said that because of the waste disposal process in the engineered landfill that soil and water won’t be affected. It is anticipated that the site will be completed by 2024. The soil testing for the landfill sites is in progress.

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