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Exclusive: Bob’s Burgers’ Voice Recordings Changed by the Pandemic

Loren Bouchard has relied on more improvisation in his cartoons than in the strict scripted animation world. Bouchard’s most beloved cartoon, Bob’s Burgers, was the longest-running and most successful. Most of the voice actors recorded their lines together to make it easier to work with each other. This changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit 2020. The show began recording from home.

The production of “The Bob’s Burgers Movie”, now in theaters, was done remotely in the summer of 2020. The actors had to record their lines individually. Looper had exclusive access to the main cast of Bob’s Burgers to discuss the experience of switching to remote recording. We learned that while the process has not returned to its normal state, it has been improving.

Retire to the closet

Bob's Burgers'

Kristen Schaal, who voices Louise Belcher’s voice, said that remote recording was less joyful than it used to be. Although it has been more than two years since the cast was able to record an episode together, Schaal noted that technology has advanced enough in this time period that actors can now record episodes remotely. John Roberts, the voice of Linda Belcher, jokes that this new collective-but-still-physically-distant setup is good. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Bob Belcher, smells a little bit, but we can still hear each other, and that’s nice.”

Eugene Mirman, Gene Belcher’s voice, has lived and recorded his lines in a completely different city than the rest of the cast for the past few years. He described the experience as ” two years we were in a closet, surrounded with pillows or whatever else.” It was hard work, but it was also possible. It was a great production. Roberts, an openly gay man, joked about his hatred of “going back in the closet.” Benjamin followed up in his trademark deadpan delivery with a comment about that being an “inside joke” — a joke from the “inside of the closet”.

“The Bob’s Burgers Movie is Now in Theaters

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