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Expert committee opinion: First large classes, then small schools, expert committee opinion

The expert committee that was formed to open schools in Delhi has recommended that schools be gradually opened in the capital, in light of the controlled cases in Delhi of the corona. The first step should be to open classes for older children, then primary and secondary classes.

According to the Expert Committee, schools should be gradually opened due to the Corona situation in Delhi. It will make its final decision at the meeting of DDMA.

It is important to mention that the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has established an expert committee on how to open schools in Delhi. The expert committee gave its opinion regarding the opening of the school, taking into account the Kovid situation in Delhi.

A partial opening of schools by the Delhi government was announced earlier. This allows children in class 10th-12th to attend school for admission-related counseling, practical work, and counseling. Inquiring about the possibility of opening the school, the Delhi government also sought the opinions of parents, teachers, and children.

Manish Sisodia, Education Minister, had earlier in the month stated that he had received 35,000 ideas for opening schools. He stated that 35000 suggestions had been received, of which 12000 were received within one day. These suggestions will be taken into consideration when we make a decision to open the school.

Many states have recently opened schools, particularly large-class schools, in educational institutions. The National Disaster Management recently discussed the possibility of opening schools in places where Kovid cases may be negligible, or very little. NDMA stated that schools should be open everywhere, keeping in mind corona protocol.

The committee’s opinion is not supported by health experts

Experts in health are divided on the verdict of the advisory committee of Delhi’s government on the reopening schools that were closed for the Corona epidemic.

The committee recommends that the first-class be the largest and then the primary classes should be established. However, experts in health say that government should not disregard scientific facts. The closing of schools has the greatest impact on young children. It is important that the class of primary school children is first started. There should not be panic.

Dr. Chandrakant Laharia, a health expert, appealed to LG Anil Baijal via social media. He stated that the decision to open a school should be based on facts.

Dr. Laharia states that children between 6 and 12 years old are the most secure. The corona epidemic hit last year. While the world was not aware of its effects, medical studies in many countries have been conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO). These children are so immune that they can handle the infection by themselves. It is possible for children with certain diseases to be prevented from attending school.

There is no difference between the first and second waves: Ministry

The Union Health Ministry states that the same child corona was transmitted during both the first and second waves. 70% of those who contracted corona and were hospitalized had some other illness before they became infected.

Fears are more common among older children: ICMR

These are just a few of the reasons why Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director General of Health at Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), recently stated that young children are not at high risk of getting infected. For older children, however, it is possible to express concern.

The committee’s recommendations have no effect other than to delay the inevitable

Dr. Laharia says that only by following the advice of opening the school gradually or starting the first large class, there will not be any delay in bringing children to school.

The committee looks at the head and gives advice.

Dr. Dhiren Gopta, a pediatrician at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital says that consultants often draw the same conclusions as their heads in government committees. Their thinking and study are of no value. It is wrong from a scientific and medical perspective to suggest that older children first go to school, and then younger children should follow suit.

This type of government process is not necessary. Parents will be panicked. There is no need to be scared. Parents can send their children to school. It is important to make sure that your child has no problems before sending them off.

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