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Farmers angry in Haryana Two picketers in Jind Dharna, outside the secretariat’s mini-office in Yamunanagar


Following the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, the United Kisan Morcha had called for a sit-in in the DC office across the nation. In the wake of this, farmers arrived at the DC office at about 10:30 am in morning.


Within Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh There is plenty of discontent among the farmers in Haryana regarding the deaths of farmers after being crushed by a vehicle of the son of the Union Minister. In Jind, the morning of Monday the bus stop of Ramsay village, which is located at the end of Hisar road was shut down. In the meantime, farmer chief Satbir Pehalwan walked at the Mini Secretariat, said that the people who had blocked their way through the Ramsay village did not come part of The United Kisan Morcha but from the BJP. The farmers stated that the protests would continue in a peaceful manner. The system won’t be broken. In the meantime, two dharnas, involving farmers have begun in Jind. A Bhakyu Chadhuni faction is launching sitting-ins in the front porch that is located below the DC office, whereas all other groups have remained outside of the secretariat’s mini.

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Following the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, the United Kisan Morcha had called for a sit-in in the DC office across the nation. In the wake of the incident, farmers walked into the DC office at about 10:30 am in morning. Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Ramraji Dhul stated that it’s clear that the government intends to repress the peasant movement through violence. In addition, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has declared the intentions of the government very clear in a similar manner by releasing a statement. In such a scenario the farmers will conduct an entirely peaceful protest.

He urged the farmers to refrain from engaging in any form of violence. If there is violence on the part of the government, farmers should manage the agitation in a tranquil way. In this regard, the chief of Khatkar Toll, Satbir Pehalwan, said that when there has been violence during the past ten months, it was caused by the government.

In Yamunanagar, the farmers have been seated on dharnas at the secretariat mini. At the same time, Congress will also protest during the afternoon. On the other hand representatives of Jan Sangharsh Manch and Equal Women’s Organization together with members of the Bharatiya Kisan Union displayed an image of the Central as well as State governments in Fawwara Chowk in Sonepat’s Gohana.

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Farmers seated in front of the entrance to the Mini Secretariat in Fatehabad

In Fatehabad, local farmers vented their displeasure by sitting at one of the gates to the Small Secretariat on the message of the United Kisan Morcha. The farmers resisted the movement by their main entrance. The police were heavily armed in response to the farmer’s protest. The police took care of the move of citizens and employees from their second entrance to the Mini Secretariat. Yogendra Bhuthankalan an agricultural leader affiliated in the United Kisan Morcha told that in Lakhimpur his son, who is a union minister from the BJP drove a car over the farmers. Because of this four farmers have been killed to date. However, officials from the UP government are trying to block the leaders from visiting the area. In protest protesters from the United, Kisan Morcha has issued instructions to demonstrate at each district’s headquarters. The leaders of the farmers also expressed their anger at the Chief Minister’s video Manohar Lal. The chief minister said it’s not appropriate to speak of raising sticks against farmers in this manner. This smacks of a conspiracy to create riots in the state.

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