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Father Shakti Kapoor told her his son’s arrest that “My son cannot take drugs”

Friends, a lot of terrible things have happened in Bollywood because of which the stars are slammed. Sometimes due to a dispute or due to the police’s rounds. We all know that in the last few months, Shahrukh’s daughter Aryan Khan was detained at the request of Mumbai Police in cruise drugs case. They were detained for about a month. But then Shahrukh prevailed in this case. Aryan got released. The same incident took place in the case of the son, a Bollywood famous Villain.

Shradha Kapoor's Brother

There is a big problem in the making in Shakti Kapoor’s family, as Siddhant Kapoor’s son gets involved in a drug scandal. According to reports, Siddhant has been detained by the Bengaluru Police after he tested positive for drugs during an event. Bengaluru Police on Sunday swarmed an after-hours party that was held in a 5-star hotel. Some individuals including Siddhant were arrested when their blood samples came back positive for drugs.


Right now, Shakti Kapoor has expressed her displeasure over her son’s testing for drugs. According to ETimes, Shakti Kapoor said, “I can only say one thing – it is not possible.” He refused to elaborate further and abbreviated that it was not possible. According to the report, Siddhant Kapoor’s family was not aware of the incident. Kapoor’s family was not aware of any hotel in Bangalore in which Siddhant was living.

The night before police raided a hotel located on MG Road where the rave party was taking place and six individuals including Siddhant were detained after having a history of using drugs. Doctor. Bhimashankar S. Guled, DCP, East Division, Bengaluru City told ANI, “Siddhant Kapoor has tested positive for drugs. He has been brought to Ulsoor police station.”

It is not known if the people detained were consuming drugs at the time of the event or consumed it prior to arriving at the celebration. In the past, prior to the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, the name Shraddha Kapoor came up in the case of drug abuse. In the year 2020, Shraddha Kapoor was investigated by Narcotics Control Bureau. Narcotics Control Bureau over her suspected possession of drugs and nothing was found against her.

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