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Fearless crook in Panipat: The crook with a sword on the neck said – take out whatever is there, on protest robbed 20 thousand more phones by injuring the father and son with the butt and sword

Even the miscreants armed with firearms and knives were beating the childhood once the dad touched there to the motorcycle and also struck a miscreant with an immediate hit the motorcycle. The miscreants took off two totes for example 20 million rupees, cell phone, and mandatory documents. The victim has filed an instance in the Samalkha police channel.

On Tuesday he had been cut away by company work. After completing his job went along to watch Maa Vaishno Devi.

He attained Samalkha at four in the afternoon on Friday. Perhaps not having a ride, he called his dad Ramkumar ahead of him. Subsequently, four young ones on a bike passed facing him. He then did not listen.
Give everything you’ve and strike

The victim told that the 4 young ones came straight back from space and also a miscreant put a sword in his throat and stated that anything is there, then give it. Throughout the scuffle, a miscreant captured the phone retained inside his pocket. His dad reached the area using a bicycle and struck a miscreant directly with the motorcycle.

Following that, the miscreants attacked with knives, butts along bricks. As a result of the buttocks of the rifle, his dad suffered a significant accident to single attention. In an effort to halt the blow of the sword, then one of the hands was cut away. He had been struck the waist using bricks. Then the miscreants fled together with the bags. By which 20 million rupees, crucial clothes, and paper are there. Authorities are on the lookout for your miscreants.

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