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Fetal sex checker is trapped in the health department’s plan Team sent woman to investigate to determine the deal in 24000

A team consisting of police and the health department overpowered the man in charge of transporting this woman for a visit on a trip to Muradnagar located in Uttar Pradesh after negotiating an arrangement for 24 thousand rupees to conduct a fetal sex test. The cash was seized from the suspect.

It was alleged that the accused called the victim from his village Jainpur to transport her to Muradnagar. Then he drove off to Muradnagar in his vehicle. When he reached Murthal GT Road, the Health Department and the police team seized the suspect. A case has been filed against the accused.

The PNDT team from the Health Department had received information that Lalit Tyagi, a resident in the village of Jainpur was involved in the conduct of a fetal sexual test. The team consisted of doctors Dr. Adarsh Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Lathwal, Dr. Anvita Kaushik, and Manoj Kumar. The team took one woman to Lalit Tyagi to undergo a fetus sexual test. In the course of this, Lalit had demanded 24 thousand rupees from the woman to have a fetus sex test.

The deal was concluded on this subject for a set amount. Lalit invited the woman from his village Jainpur early on Wednesday morning for a ride to Muradnagar. The woman arrived at her village and gave 24,000 rupees Lalit Tyagi. Following this, the woman took off along with Lalit Tyagi in her car from the village of Jainpur towards Muradnagar located in Uttar Pradesh. After reaching Murthal GT Road, the Health Department and the police team seized the suspect Lalit. 24 thousand rupees were seized from his pockets.

The police arrested the suspect and filed a criminal case against the accused. During the interrogation process, the suspect Lalit confessed to having already had relatives examined for sex in the fetus. His friend Pinky is who is a resident of Muradnagar as well, is also involved in this investigation. Pinky brings the woman to an ultrasound clinic and has her fetal gender confirmed.

“The suspect has been arrested and handed over to the police for performing a fetal sex test. A case has been registered against him in the Murthal police station. 24 thousand rupees have been retrieved from the belongings of the suspect.” Dr. Adarsh Sharma, Nodal Officer PNDT

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