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Haryana: Increasing cases of black fungus, BPS Medical College asks for 500 injections from the government

The BPS Government Medical College Administration, located in village Khanpur Kalan, Haryana, is on alert regarding black fungus patients being found in many places after being infected or cured of corona. The officials and doctors here are paying special attention to the food of corona infected patients along side sugar, in order that their sugar level remains correct. along side this, in sight of the apprehension of the disease, the medical college administration has demanded 500 vaccines from the govt to be utilized in the treatment of black fungus.

In the midst of corona, now there’s an opportunity of black fungus in infected and recovering patients. Cases of this disease are reported in many places. consistent with doctors, this disease is coming more in those patients who are affected by sugar. at the present , 162 patients are undergoing treatment at the Special Kovid Hospital of BPS Government Medical College in Khanpur Kalan.

In such a situation, doctors are constantly examining patients with the knowledge about having sugar. Special attention is being paid to the diet of these who are affected by diabetes. he’s not being given any such sort of food or drink, thanks to which the patient’s sugar level is high. along side this, special care is additionally being taken within the treatment of corona. consistent with the doctors, no patient is being given steroids here. Normal medicines are being given to the patients in order that they will recover soon.
“The symptoms of black fungus haven’t been found in any patient admitted to the special Kovid hospital thus far and no patient has come. Nevertheless, 500 vaccines are demanded from the govt thanks to the likelihood of black fungus. along side this, other necessary steps also are being taken.” – Dr. APS Batra, Director, BPS Government Medical College.

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