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Haryana Monsoon Update – The generosity of the monsoon activated without delay, 26 percent more rainfall in three days

In just three days, the Monsoon, which was active in Haryana late at night, had pacified the entire state. The last 20 days saw a decrease in the rain by around 20%, but it’s now rained 26 percent more than usual. Haryana received 151.5mm of rain between June 1 and July 21. It also received 190.2mm of rain at this time. In the three previous days, Haryana received 85.2mm of rain.

After three days, the Meteorological Department issued a forecast for good rain on July 25, after which it was revised. Five districts have been given yellow alerts. On Wednesday, the weather was variable across most of the state. It was sometimes sunny, and other times it was cloudy. People had to deal with problems because of the humidity. The maximum temperature rose by 1 to 3 degrees.

Hisar’s maximum temperature is 36 degrees Celsius, while Karnal’s was 33.2 degrees Celsius.

Dr. Madan Khichad is the Chairman of HAU’s Agricultural Meteorological Department. He said that the monsoon remains active due to a cyclonic circulation in Pakistan’s upperparts. There is a chance of thunderstorms and rain in the state due to moist winds moving towards it.

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