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Haryana : Suspension is sought by the state government and bureaucracy for Karnal SDM.

The Haryana government continues to support Karnal’s SDM Ayush Sinha. SDM has been supported by the bureaucracy. Many ministers and officials have provided feedback to the CM confirming that the Karnal SDM method is correct. Senior officials stated that he faced such situations many times while on the field. Clear orders must be given in this instance. The government can also argue that the SDM terminology is incorrect, but it is not prepared to accept the SDM’s actions as such. Manohar Lal, Chief Minister, also supports the reasoning of officials and ministers.

Tikait stated that the officer should be fired

Rakesh Tikait, a farmer leader, is clear that the officer who ordered the farmers to shed their blood should be fired. Tikait has called this Haryana government’s action Talibani.

The Deputy Chief Minister insists on action regarding SDM

Dushyant Chautala, Deputy CM, is insistent on the matter of taking action against SDM Karnal. It will be difficult to determine what the coalition government will do in such a situation. After the lathi charges against the farmers in Pipli and Kurukshetra Dushyant demanded action. The government agreed to this demand and dropped the blame on the officer. But this time, all eyes are on the government.

The Chief Minister, on the other hand, has stated in this matter before a TV station that the language used by the SDM was wrong. This is what I am saying. This is what I’m saying, even though it’s not in the official opposition video. It took place 12km from there.

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