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Here’s How To Watch the Initial Eight Minutes Of Stranger Things 4

“Stranger Things,” the fourth and final season of “Stranger Things” will be released on Netflix in 2022 on the 27th of May and is expected to be one of the most exciting versions of the sci-fi-horror series to this point. To begin, the new season has nine episodes, which makes it the longest yet. The upcoming season is so large that Netflix has chosen to release the entire season in two parts, with the second set of episodes scheduled to air in July. Unfortunately, it’s also the start of the final season of “Stranger Things” because the Duffer Brothers have recently announced they will be releasing Season 5 will be the finale.

Of course, there are plenty of stories to tell during the interim. The fourth season of “Stranger Things” will start about six months following “The Battle of Starcourt,” and the situation within Hawkins has only gotten more difficult for residents of the creepy Indiana town since that time. We’re only a week away from finding out how the aftermath of these tragic events has changed the show’s core cast of characters. If you’re eager to see what happens you’ll be glad to learn that Netflix has released the initial 8 minutes from the new series to stream for your enjoyment.

The opening sequences in Stranger Things Season 4 reintroduce us to Dr. Brenner.

The first scenes in “Stranger Things” Season 4 start off fairly quiet. They’re almost too quiet. The streets are littered with autumn leaves as the paperboy in the neighborhood makes his morning patrols. There aren’t any monsters to be seen however it’s evident that the city is experiencing the aftermath of the dramatic conclusion to Season 3. However, the action gets intense as soon as we’re introduced to the character of Matthew Modine, a doctor. Martin Brenner. After we watch him go through his daily shaving routine The flashback sequence then takes us back to 1979. A haunting soundtrack plays as the Hawkins National Laboratories appears on the screen. It does not take long before the doctor is seen performing experiments on the institute’s superpowered children.

At the conclusion of the flashback, it appears Brenner has eaten just a bit more than he’s able to chew. Brenner wakes up on the floor, drenched in blood and hearing the screams of the lab’s inhabitants. If you’re intending to view the video be sure to take your time and proceed with caution.

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