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High Court’s Decision: Hearing in Delhi Police Commissioner Asthana’s appointment challenge adjourned until September 23

The hearing in the case of Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Athana has been rescheduled for September 23 by the High Court. As Chief Justice DN Patel was not present, the hearing was moved to September 23.

Rakesh Asthana, the Delhi Police Commissioner, and Indian Police Service IPS Gujarat cadre officer, claimed that certain organizations had been targeting him since he was appointed special director of CBI. He is the target of a constant campaign on social media. The challenge to his appointment is abuse and vendetta.

Asthana replied that since Asthana was appointed special director of CBI, several organizations have been targeting him and threatening to file petitions against him. Asthana stated that Common Cause and Center for Public Interest Litigation are both professional PILs. They exist to file litigation and provide public service. The Center also stated that Asthana’s nomination was in the public interest due to the many challenges facing law and order in the capital. In its affidavit, the Center stated that Asthana was appointed as Delhi Police Commissioner without any irregularities and that he has been appointed in accordance with all rules and regulations.

The Supreme Court had requested the High Court on August 25 to resolve the pending petition opposing the appointment of a senior IPS Officer as Delhi Police Commissioner. It was due to be decided within two weeks.

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