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In Haryana the farmers shut down national roads as well as railway tracks, blocked roads by laying stones

On Monday, the farmers of Haryana shut down railways and roads as a result of the United Kisan Morcha Bharat Bandh against the new laws on agriculture. Farmers blocked the railway tracks within Fatehgarh in Charkhi Dadri. The roads were blocked in fifteen locations within the district. In the meantime, farmers cleared the railway track when it reached four clocks. The entire group of farmers that were seated on the tracks near the Sonipat railway station walked away from their positions at four hours. They all said in unison that today’s festival was a success. The effect was evident across the nation. Stones were laid on roads.

Farmers have blocked the Jharoth Tollway of National Highway 334B. The decision was taken to close this road under Bharat Bandh. Farmers have shut down National Highway 44 in front of the Indian International Horticulture Market at Ganaur, Sonepat. Stones have been erected on the highway that leads to Chandigarh in addition to Delhi. At the same time arrangements for langar have been made for farmers who are part of this International Horticulture Market. Farmers have stopped their way along the Jind Patiala Delhi National Highway. Trains stopped running because of the blocking Ramayana rail track. Khatkar toll plaza has been shut down.

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Farmers are sitting in KMP in KGP KGP zero points

Farmers have sat down at KMP as well as KGP zero points in Sonipat. National Highway 71 in Jhajjar is blocked in Birdhana Mor. In Bahadurgarh railway station farmers have staged a protest against the tracks. The farmers also have arranged for a sound system, food, and other items. On the day of Charkhi Dadri, the city market was closed until 10 o’clock, while farmers gathered on the railway tracks and on roads. Because of the non-operation of roads trains and buses, the passengers were faced with difficulties. Because of the protests of large groups, the police force was in the areas of congestion. In addition to the duty magistrates, 16 were also stationed there.

The farmer’s leader is lying on the track. Following the announcement from the United Kisan Morcha, the farmers gathered at Sonepat railroad station. The farmers stated that the agitation will continue until the laws were taken away. Farmers have stopped trains in Sonipat. In the meantime, RPF is filming those who block railway tracks. Leaders of the farmers lie on the tracks of Yamunanagar. Two trains have stopped in this area.

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Traffic Diverted – Every single highway was jammed up in Panchkula

Because of the Bharat Bandh happening in Panchkula the city, there was a traffic jam that stretched from the National Highway towards the State Highway. Tanggal along with Chandimandir tolls was closed for more than 200 farmers as of 11 am.

To get to Panchkula from Pinjore traffic was diverted to Chandigarh Baddi road so that residents from Chandigarh could travel towards Panchkula or Mohali. Traffic was moved to Mauli the Mauli side, towards Trilokpur, Mattanwala side. To get to Panchkula from Pinjore the people traveled from Panchkula by Thapli, Mandana via Nada village.

Farmers have blocked the route to Chandimandir Toll, Old Panchkula, Sector 20 flyover on Kalka-Zirakpur Highway. The road leading to Naggal Toll, Kot Flyover is also shut on the Panchkula Barwala Highway. Pinjore Nalagarh Highway has been closed by farmers.

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