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IPL 2022: MS Dhoni will play in the next season, too!

As of now, two teams are out of the playoffs for IPL 2022. That includes Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Chennai skipper Mahendra Dhoni also stated that he is likely to play in the next season following the loss to Mumbai the previous Thursday. In addition, the captain has also warned teams in opposition.

In reality, in the match against Mumbai Chennai, Chennai’s team reduced to 97 when batting first. Then the Mumbai team scored their target at the end of the 15th over. Dhoni stated after the match that regardless of the wicket it’s difficult to defend scores below 130. Our bowlers, however, were efficient in their bowling.

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Dhoni said- Prior to the beginning of Mumbai’s innings I told my bowlers to forget about the outcome. Both of the fast bowlers in their early years were very good and I believe that a game like this would have helped boost their confidence. We’ve gone through a period in which we didn’t have particular fast bowlers at the beginning of the year.

Dhoni stated that I think fast bowlers require time to develop. If you’re fortunate, you’ll meet an individual who can play in any format within the span of six months, and that’s exactly what IPL has been doing. This is a great opportunity for young bowlers. They can bowl with a lot of vigor and are crucial in this type of game. Some players wait prior to implementing their strategies in the most efficient manner.

Dhoni said that both of our fast bowlers have done a fantastic job, and the way they walked the two of them is a great indicator for us. We now have two fast bowlers during the coming season. Additionally, we have a lot of possibilities. Therefore, it is essential for us. We’re just trying to give sufficient time to everyone for preparation.

Fleming declared his absence from the Decision Review System (DRS) facility at the beginning of Chennai’s innings as a pity. He stated that some of his choices were made against him in the game against Mumbai. In reality, because of an insufficient circuit at Wankhede Stadium, the DRS facility was not accessible until the very first 10 balls of Chennai’s innings. This led to a loss for his team. The team lost three wickets this time.

Fleming stated after the game”It was regrettable that this occurred at the time. We were somewhat dissatisfied, but that’s an element of playing. Some of the decisions were not to our advantage. It wasn’t an ideal start for us.

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