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It’s the Surprising Family Connection Titus Welliver Is Having With Bosch

If you’re reading one of Michael Connelly’s many “Bosch” books, watching the Amazon Prime Video’s “Bosch,” or jumping into Amazon Freevee’s “Bosch Legacy,” the many complexities of the life of the Bosch family that of detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch (Titus Welliver) are obvious. Though the character is able to enjoy having a strong bond with his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) but the other relatives of the family have quite different.

Unfortunately, the majority of the inspiration behind Bosch’s law enforcement career stems from his experience in foster homes and orphanages after his mother’s death. As if this wasn’t enough of a tragedy, Bosch also struggles to deal with his troubled childhood with the luxurious lifestyle led by his father who has since passed away who was wealthy, and a long-since dead defense lawyer.

In Season 1 Episode 8, (“Bloodline”), “Bosch Bosch: Legacy” takes a leap back in time to reveal the first encounter between Bosch and his father, who has been missing for a long time, J. Michael Haller Sr. (Clint Jordan) along with his brother-in-law younger J. Michael “Mickey” Haller Jr. (Ettore James Baccari). Although the characters are only listed to IMDb for Father and Son the avid readers of Michael Connelly’s works will be able to recognize J. Michael “Mickey” Haller as the protagonist of the “The Lincoln Lawyer” novels.

It should be not forgotten that Mickey Haller’s short appearance isn’t the only family member at the center of this story. in a conversation with Looper, Titus Welliver revealed the details of Eamonn Welliver’s character Harry Bosch.

All the children of Titus Welliver have been in Bosch

If Eamonn Welliver, who is who plays the 20-year-old counterpart of the character in the title, appears similar to yours, that’s because you’re witnessing the family resemblance of His father Titus Welliver. This isn’t the first time that a child of the actor has appeared in the “Bosch” franchise.

The younger brother of Eamonn, Quinn, plays the part of a more youthful version of Harry Bosch in four episodes of the original series. When it came time to plan the spin-off, the Wellivers decided to shake things up a little. “We looked at the age and timeframe and the location it could be,” Titus Welliver said. “My oldest son Eamonn has also been an actor, and has an impressive resemblance to me however he’s larger than me.”

While Quinn Welliver’s portrayal of Bosch depicts the difficult times following the murder of his mother, Eamonn Welliver’s Bosch offers an insight into Bosch’s relationship with his father and motivates him to delve deeper into the latest investigation. “That’ll be an interesting entertaining scene for the viewers to witness,” Titus Welliver said. “It gives us a glimpse into the back … It lets us be given a glimpse of [the factthat] He’s always been this person with the same passion and determination about what’s right or wrong.”

It’s interesting that Welliver also hinted at the possibility of flashbacks to the past in future seasons by telling Looper, “I was very satisfied with him and am looking forward to him returning for additional flashbacks.”

The daughter of Welliver, Cora is also a part of the cast in a few parts in both of the series. In the most recent episode, Cora Welliver portrays Sam the Dog Walker in “Bosch Legacy” Season 1 Episode 4. (“Horseshoes and hand grenades”).

“Bosch Legacy” is streaming via Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV).

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