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Karl Urban finally weighs in on his Buzzy Wolverine Fan Casting

While most comic book lovers will recognize Karl Urban as the lead in Amazon’s black comedy series “The Boys”, which is based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, the New Zealand actor has also appeared in several comic-book adaptations. Urban was first known for his role as Billy Butcher in “The Boys” and later joined Marvel Cinematic Universe to play the role of Skurge, the Executioner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Thor: Ragnarok.” He also appeared in the 2012 cult-favorite movie “Dredd,” in which Urban played the title role of Judge Dredd.

Urban is not new to the spotlight of the superhero genre. This is why many fans have called for him to be the next Marvel’s iconic hero, Wolverine.

Fans of “The Boys” will be able to see how Billy Butcher, the revenge-driven antihero, could be transformed into the notoriously violent Canadian mutant. It’s also easy to see that Urban already looks the part. Reddit fans have been vocal in supporting Urban’s role in Marvel Cinematic Universe (if and when they decide to introduce the X-Men). Urban even spoke out about the possibility in a recent interview.

Urban thinks he’s too old to play Wolverine

Karl Urban

The Guardian recently interviewed Urban. Stuart Heritage, an interviewer, informed him about his X-Men fan-casting. Heritage described how Reddit has many photoshopped images of Urban as Wolverine. Urban laughed and explained why casting him as Wolverine was not a good idea.

Urban stated, “It’s flattering,” but you must think rationally about it. Hugh Jackman is two years older than me. If I were a studio searching for a Wolverine actor, I would choose someone from whom I will get three films. Karl Urban isn’t going to make three films unless you want a 65-year-old Wolverine.

Urban’s response to the role will be disappointing to some, but he makes a strong argument why he shouldn’t be considered, even if it was a breeze. Urban is actually older than Hugh Jackman when he filmed “Logan” in 2017. This film featured an old, tired Wolverine. Urban admits that casting Urban as Wolverine was only possible if the studio wanted an older version of the character. While the overwhelming critical response to “Logan,” suggests that viewers may love an older Wolverine, it is a risky move to cast Urban with a character who has already reached his prime. Urban’s casting is further complicated by the fact that he was once again in the MCU as Skurge.

Urban clearly doesn’t believe he will ever be chosen for Logan. Considering how popular this casting is we doubt that Urban’s comments will have any impact on the fans who would like to see him use the claws.

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