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Top 5 Delhi News | 6 July 2021 | Check These Latest News from Delhi

1. Vaccination in Delhi: Only one day’s stock, then vaccine crisis

A major problem with corona vaccination has resurfaced in Delhi. Delhi government has only one day left of its stock. This situation has led to an increase in the number of people needing vaccines.

Amar Ujala, the Delhi government’s vaccine coordinator, had presented Monday the challenge to the Delhi government in regard to the next month’s vaccine. The government informed them that they had only 82 000 doses of Kovishield. They also have the highest demand. It is possible that this dose could be used in one day.

According to the government, there are currently 3.43 million doses of Covaxin in storage. Only 82 thousand doses remain of Covishield. This will mean that 80 to 90% of Covaxin doses have been used by Tuesday evening. If the vaccine is not delivered to the government by Tuesday night, the centers could face serious problems on Wednesday.

Amar Ujala, however, has revealed in the July 5 issue that the central government had informed the state government of its intention to give only 20 lakh doses during July. Five lakh doses of the 20 will be distributed to private hospitals. The current situation is that between one and a quarter and two lakh doses of the drug are consumed each day.

If we look at the number of 20 lakhs, it will be used in between 10 and 15 days. This problem will only get worse as 20 lakh doses of the drug will not be available in one but in multiple batches of four to five. Officials from the Health Department also expressed concern about this.

The data shows that the capital has received a total number of 83.82,845 Kovid vaccination doses from Monday to Monday. 190,00,694 people have been fully immunized, while 64,721,151 have received their first dose. Fully vaccinated people over 45 have 12,65,395 and those aged 18 to 44 have 1,80,424.

On April 1, the Delhi government began the vaccination program for all people over 45. This was a month earlier than the opportunity was available to those aged 18-44. There are currently 3.43 million doses of vaccine remaining in storage. This means that vaccinations can only last one day.

2. Sagar Dhankhar murder case: Many CCTV footages found by Delhi Police against Sushil Kumar

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has obtained another significant electronic evidence against Olympian Sushil Kul, who is being held in the Sagar Dhankhar junior wrestling murder case. The police have more than three CCTV footage from Modan Town. These footages were provided by the PWD department to the Delhi Police. The cleanliness letter certifying that the footage has not been altered and is authentic has also been submitted. In addition to this, more than 102 witnesses were found by the crime branch against Sushil Kumar.

According to a senior officer of the Delhi Police Crime Branch, this CCTV footage was taken at the Model Town location where Sagar Dhankhar and Sonu Mahal lived. This footage show Sushil Kumar and his friends riding in vehicles to Sagar Dhankhar’s house. He is then seen carrying the ocean.

The PWD department has given the CCTV footage to the Delhi Police. It has been stated that the footage was not altered. The footage has not been sent to Delhi Police for forensic examination. This police official stated that the crime branch had produced more than 102 witnesses. Witnesses include guards from Chhatrasal Stadium and people from Model Town, Shalimar Bagh, etc. Witnesses include guards of Chhatrasal Stadium, Shalimar Bagh, and people from Model Town.

Officials from the police say that the crime branch is currently preparing the case charge sheet. According to police officials, the case will soon be closed. The process to cancel Sushil Kumar’s arm license has also been initiated. Sushil Kumar was notified by the Licensing Unit of Delhi Police in Tihar, asking why his Arms License should not be canceled.

After receiving Sushil Kumar’s reply, the Licensing Unit will conclude the process of canceling Arms licenses. The Delhi Police has sent several mobile phones to the accused of forensic analysis. The video of the incident at Chhatrasal Stadium should be taken by police on mobile. The police discovered that multiple accused had recorded videos on the spot. However, the incident video was taken from the mobile phone of one Prince.

Jammu: License granted to an accused

A weapon was found by police at Chhatrasal Stadium. During an investigation, it was discovered that the weapon belonged allegedly to Vijender alias Binder. Jammu issued Binder his arms license. The Arms License will be verified by the Jammu Police soon by the Delhi Police.

Not yet found DVR for Chhatrasal Stadium

DVR Sushil Kumar was the one who attached the CCTV cameras to Chhatrasal Stadium. Sushil broke the DVR and threw it. The DVR is still not recovered by Delhi Police. The crime branch is working to retrieve the DVR.

3. Corona rules violated in Delhi: Lajpatnagar and Sadar’s cotton markets closed

The market is being monitored closely by the local administration for violations of the Kovid protocol. The Laxminagar central market has been closed. Lajpat Nagar Market has been shut down until further orders.

The cotton market at Sadar Bazar was also closed until Tuesday. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has asked that all markets where the Kovid guidelines have been violated be closed.

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate was then able to inspect the premises. Lajpat Nagar Central Market was found to be in violation of the Kovid protocol during the inspection. This market was closed immediately upon the recommendation of the enforcement teams. The association of markets must ensure that the Kovid rules have been followed. Only then can the market be opened.

Delhi MCD and Delhi Police were also directed to ensure that no unauthorized or roadside shops are allowed inside the market.

The cotton market in Sadar Bazar was also closed until Tuesday. According to some, the Kovid rules are being ignored by the sellers, shopkeepers, and consumers at the market. There is a large gathering. The market association is also failing to do social distancing. It is impossible to ensure compliance with COVID protocols. This is how corona infections can spread.

Closed are also Laxminagar Mangal Bazar Gandhinagar, Nangloi Bazar and Mangal Bazar

Notable is the fact that Laxmi Nagar, Mangal Bazar, and Gandhi Nagar markets in East Delhi, Nangloi market (West Delhi) were all closed on June 30. After violating the rules, notices were also sent to three markets: Sadar Bazar, Sarojini Nagar, and Kamla Nagar.

The notice was received and the shop was opened from Saturday to Sunday afternoon. This protest was held in Sarojini Nagar Mini Market. Ashok Randhawa, Sarojini Nagar Mini Market states that street vendors make it impossible to adhere to the Kovid protocol. This responsibility lies with the local government, he said.

Brijesh Goyal, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Trade, stated that the market and shopkeepers are not responsible for ensuring that consumers adhere to the Kovid rules. This responsibility falls on the local government. Praveen Shankar Kapoor, the spokesperson for the state BJP, stated that the Delhi government is playing politics with the closing of shops. On the first day of the closure, shops close. The Chief Minister’s Office then grants permission for the entire market to be closed. The business class is also subject to politics.

4. Delta variant reduced vaccine efficacy by 8 times

The vaccine’s efficacy was reduced by as much as eightfold due to the delta variant. The study by experts from Cambridge University came to light Monday regarding three hospitals in India, including Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. These 100 Indian health workers were brought from India, where B.1.617.2 Delta variant was found.

The vaccine was administered to all of these workers. However, due to the delta version, their levels of antibodies decreased by 80 percent. Research Square published the study. It was done by scientists from the Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases as well as Indian hospitals and doctors. When all health workers were examined, it was discovered that the delta variant of the virus was also present in them. These people were saved by the vaccine.

Senior Dr. Chand WALTAL, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, stated that there have been many variants of the coronavirus. Some of these mutations are very serious. These severe variants can still cause serious health problems, even after vaccination. The study also showed that people are not immune to infection after they have been fully vaccinated. It is important to adhere to the Covid Vigilance Rules even after vaccination.

He stated that a Wuhan strain comparison during the study showed that the Delta variant could have very high viral loads. It can infect more people than Wuhan.

5. Admission in Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University starts from today, can apply till August 10

Online admissions for the academic session 2021-22 at Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University of Delhi Government will open on Tuesday, 6 July. For admission to the more than 6000 seats in 11 skill-based graduate or diploma courses, applications can be submitted until August 10.

Students from Delhi will receive 85% of the seats. New courses in data analytics and e-commerce operations, as well as a medical lab technology, were also started. In the digital press conference, Prof. Niharika Voigra, Vice-Chancellor of DSEU, stated that all courses offered by DSEU are connected to the industry so that students can develop their skills.

According to him, the university has launched new courses in e-commerce operations and data analysis. DSEU encourages entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. All of our diploma and degree courses are industry-linked, so all students have the opportunity to learn real and useful skills in the industry. Students have the option to multiple exits under the National Education Policy 2019 in all DSEU courses.

Prof Vohra stated that the admission process to DSEU will be entirely online, following all protocols of Corona. To enroll, candidates can visit the centralized admission portal at DSEU. To assist candidates and ease the admission process, the university also offers a toll-free number 18003093209 A second number 011-41169950 is available for technical assistance regarding admission-related queries and form filling.

In all universities, there are also admission counseling rooms and virtual help desks. DSEU’s 13 Delhi campuses will offer admission to 15 diploma programs, 18 undergraduate courses (11 flagship, BCA, and 6 BTech course courses), and 2 post-graduate degrees.

PEGTM will allow students to select the course they want.

Students can also choose the course that is right for them to enroll in here. A test called PEGTM (Personality Entrepreneurial Mental Set and General Ability Test) was created to help students do this. Inter Profiling Test (PEGTM) will be required for students enrolled in undergraduate courses beyond B.Tech. This will allow students to select the best course.



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