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Manohar Lal in the manner that Mata Mansa Devi: Withdrawn the famous statement the crowds of devotees congregated for the following day.

the Chief Minister Manohar Lal has stopped his remarks about ‘tit like” and “lifting sticks”. On Friday the CM was at Mata Mansa Devi temple to bow his head. After his darshan stated it was Siddha Shaktipeeth Mata Mansa Devi was Shaktidayini. In the course of darshan, the mother was aware that people were affected by his remarks and protesters are also demonstrating from one place to another. In this regard, they are rescinding their statements.

He stated that he made this statement with the intention of self-protection. However, some believed it meant something different. Chief Minister Manohar Lal claimed that he came to realize that in Shri Mata Mansa Devi Temple Shaktipeeth that Mata Rani would protect everyone. In light of his assertion that Mata Rani is not affecting the mood that prevails in Haryana, he’s pulling it back. Together with Chief Minister Haryana Assembly Speaker Gyanchand Gupta and a number of BJP officials and office bearers from Haryana’s state and Panchkula district were also present.

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He stated that he does not want any law or order to be violated in the state in any way. In light of the protests carried out by farmer associations farmers, their leaders, and other people throughout the state they have withdrawn their statements. He stated that because of the announcement that there will be a demonstration of the farmers at the event that will be held in Kaithal by Agrawal Samaj Kaithal He has made the decision to invite Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker Gyanchand Gupta instead of going to the event by himself.

This is what happens

The controversial remarks from Chief Minister Manohar Lal have been in the news in the last week. Concerning farmers, the Chief Minister referenced the phrase from Shathe Shathyam Samachret. He had spoken about taking the stick off. After the statement of CM, the opposition got more aggressive. In the video, the Chief Minister mentioned during the interview that new farmer’s organizations are beginning to emerge, but they need to be supported. They’ll need to be pushed forward, particularly those in North as well as West Haryana, this problem isn’t as prevalent present in South Haryana, but in all districts of North West Haryana, raise your farmers to 500 or 700 (or 1000) and then make them volunteers. After that, when discussing Shathe Shathyam Samachret moving from one place to another The CM demanded the people seated in front of him what it mean. Following this, there’s an audience member that is in love with the idea. Also, it is said that you should pick your sticks. When you take the sticks, do not worry about being in jail If you are there for between two and four months, you will become a great leader.

Temple members and police made their presence known, causing long lines of devotees

The crowd of devotees was awash at the Mata Mansa Devi temple on the second day of Ashwin Navratri. The temple’s grounds echoed all the glory of motherhood. People waiting in long lines were eager to meet the mother. Special arrangements were put in place by the administration, police along with officials from the Mata Mansa Devi Temple Shrine Board to ensure that anyone traveling from across the globe to see Mata Mansa Devi will not encounter any difficulties.

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The devotees prayed for the fulfillment of their desires by taking the darshan of their mother. The Prasad received. A large number of police officers were spotted preparing to maintain the security measures at the market. As the police were examining the vehicles placing barricades around them while allowing devotees to walk towards the temple’s grounds after they had checked their belongings.

Corona investigation was conducted through Haryana Health Department. Haryana Health Department of the devotees who were attending the worship of Mata Mansa Devi. At the same time, those who didn’t receive vaccinations were also vaccines. In addition, with the outbreak in mind, the temple’s leadership is busy ensuring that social distance to be monitored. Once the sun went down and the night was beginning to set in, the temple of Mata that was decorated with bright lighting, was the center of attention. Then people who were there were able to enjoy the fair, sky swings, and the various kinds of food.

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