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More than 100 dengue cases have been reported in the past week.

People in Delhi are more likely to be affected by dengue. People in Delhi should be more vigilant against mosquitoes. There have been 124 cases of dengue in Delhi, 72 of these cases in August alone. The corporation released Monday’s report highlighting this fact.

According to the Southern Corporation’s Report, dengue has affected the most people in 2018 during the time period January 1 through September 4. In 2018, 137 people were bitten by dengue. If we examine the year, 58% of all dengue cases occurred in the last month. This is concerning. This year, no one has been affected by dengue.

Accumulating rainwater causes dengue

Last month, Delhi saw torrential rains about three to four times. Despite lakhs of efforts, the civic agencies failed to drain the rainwater. Waterlogging was also observed at many locations. This is the result. The dengue-carrying mosquito larvae breed quickly in stagnant and clean water. Dengue-carrying mosquitoes prefer stagnant water.

It is dangerous to sit in parks or in the open.

In dirty water, malaria and Chikungunya mosquitoes can breed. This is why Chikungunya can easily be attracted to drains, parks, and open fields in the mornings and evenings. Chikungunya cases have increased. There have been 32 cases so far of Chikungunya and 57 cases of malaria.

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