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Ranjit Singh’s case of murder: Ram Rahim restless, lawyers will meet before deciding on the sentencing date, and there will be increased security around Sunaria jail

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been agitated at Sunaria Jail. The jail’s administration has expressed an interest to meet with the lawyer. On Monday, one day prior to the sentence in the murder trial of Ranjit attorney Ram Rahim will come and meet him at Sunaria jail. In August of 2017, Gurmeet Ram Rahim was sentenced to 20 years in prison by an exclusive CBI judge in Panchkula for assaulting Sadhvi sexually.

Since then, Ram Rahim is lodged in Rohtak’s Sunaria Jail. The reporter was sentenced to life in prison at the end of 2019 for his involvement in the Chhatrapati murder trial. In the present, Ram Rahim has been convicted in the Ranjit killing case. The court will decide the sentence on the 12th of October. Sources have said the court will pronounce its verdict on October 12. Sources said Ram Rahim has expressed his desire to see his lawyer. Jail administration officials have claimed that the lawyers could be admitted to the jail on Mondays like they are allowed to meet according to regulations.

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In the one-kilometer radius from the jail, Following an indictment for Ram Rahim, lodged in Sunaria jail in the third case the police district and the intelligence department have been vigilant. Security has been intensified within a one-kilometer radius around the jail.

Ram Rahim came out of jail five times from the month of May until July. Gurmeet Ram Rahim who is incarcerated in the Sunaria in jail has been out five times over three months. He was once taken by Gurugram to be released on parole a single day to visit his mother. Four times he went to PGI, Gurugram, and AIIMS to have a health examination. The DSP was suspended because of the possibility of meeting two females together with Ram Rahim while returning from AIIMS in July.

Where and when was Ram Rahim taken?

12 May Ram Rahim complained of tension and blood pressure. Because of this, he was admitted to PGI for an examination.

May 17, Ram Rahim was granted parole for one day in order to visit his mother. He was transferred to Gurugram under police protection.

June 3, Ram Rahim complained of stomach discomfort, for which Ram Rahim was referred to PGI

June 6, 2006: Ram Rahim has taken to Medanta Hospital in Gurugram. It was claimed that the health tests for Ram Rahim could not be performed in the PGI Rohtak. Therefore, he was transferred to Gurugram.

June 13th: Ram Rahim has taken to AIIMS. The allegations suggest the two females were forced for a meeting with Ram Rahim while returning. In this case, the state government suspended the DSP.

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A permission request was made to make the beard to be black

Ram Rahim had demanded the Haryana Human Rights Commission to darken the white beard. He complained that the jail administration was not willing to allow this. On September 3rd, the chairman of the commission Justice SK Mittal visited the Sunaria jail. At the time, Ram Rahim told the chairman of the commission that he informed the jail administration that his hair had changed color and was supposed to be blackened. The jail administration refused to allow it. The commission was able to investigate the complaint, but no final decision was reached.

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