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Terence revealed the affair with Noura What is the connection, and both were reported in the media

Are dance sensations Naura Fatehi as well as Terence Lewis having an affair? Then again what is it that makes them seem to be so close, time and time again? For the first time, the famous choreographer and dancer Trens Lewis opened up regarding his love affair with Naura and shared a number of details. Speaking to a news website, Terence has dismissed the report of his and Naura’s romance as just rumors and stated that they only work friendships and that there isn’t any kind of chemistry between them in the real world.

They have a great bond on screen. However, how did the rumor about Naura and Terence’s romance spread? In this regard, Terence is adamant that Naura’s thoughts are free as well as her open-hearted heart. In the words of Terence, Noura is real in his heart. If something comes to his mind He speaks instantly. He doesn’t filter anything on it. Sometimes she says something similar to that, only to realize later that it wasn’t meant to be said.

Then she says she is now speaking. Terence claims that she has charisma and she is extremely charming. The public, however, enjoys the Naura-Terence couple extremely. However, according to Terence, according to Terence people have cooked Naura and him khichdi far too many times in their heads. In reality, Terence and Noura are not even the best of friends, nor do they speak to one another every day.

Yes, every time they get together on set or in the office, their relationship is great and full of laughter. some people may have taken the relationship in a negative way. You may have noticed that they’ve appeared on television screens. After seeing the two of them dancing often, viewers were suspicious there was something not right between them.

When the news of their romance was a raging storm, Terence himself had to be the first to speak the truth. When Naura moves on the screen, and viewers see the movements she breaks out of sweat. Naura, as well as Terence together, make a scene on TV. Prior to this, the news was circulating numerous times regarding Naura’s relationship with her boyfriend.

The last time, there was news concerning a romance with Naura with Guru Randhawa. However, the news was removed after a while. Guru Randhawa and Nora Fatehi were seen spending time at the beach.

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