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The Agnipath protest: A school bus was stranded between a gang of criminals in Bihar Child crying in the video that went viral said: I am afraid

Protests are on the rise in Bihar against the Agneepath Army Recruitment Program. In the meantime, on Friday the school bus was stuck in a traffic jam, causing massive noise. Children were also on the bus. A video of a tiny child crying on a school bus surrounded by noise is now being shared on the internet. The child looks terrified in the footage. If asked why you’re crying, he answered that I’m terrified.

agnipath protest


The footage of the video is being reported from the Darbhanga district in North Bihar. The video has been trending on social media as of late. A person was asked why you’re crying? are you scared? Yes, the boy! I’m afraid. The kid is shown wiping his eyes and nostrils with his clothing.

The video shows both school students, as well as girl students, can be shown in uniforms. All were inside the bus. In the video, a woman (perhaps a teacher or mother or teacher) is seen in the video reassuring youngsters that they won’t be injured. But the authenticity of the footage hasn’t been verified. But, the widespread violence that occurs during protests may cause fear in the minds of the people.

Former electoral strategy expert Prashant Kishor was asked about the protests in relation to Agneepath, the Agneepath program, he advised the protesters to behave with caution. PK stated to journalists that I’d encourage protesters to stay clear of violence because it could weaken their protests. If they are peaceful the government will have to listen to the protesters’ demands.

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