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The Bride was Shot Dead in the Ceremony by Lover

It was the bride who was shot dead prior to the ceremony. The lover was also on the verge of murdering the groom. The family was shocked by loss of the daughter-in-law.

To put a fright on the groom who was staying with his family at Janmasa within Naujheel, Mathura, reached with his brother and an unnamed young man. Following that there was a great deal of chaos as people hurled stones during the time of Varmala. Naujheel police didn’t arrive even after complaints. If the police had arrived at time, the shocking incident might have been prevented. In love with no strings attached the madman was successful in his mission by carrying out the murder.

However relatives of the groom’s bride is in shock following this dramatic incident. The groom’s family has been told that the accused Anish was also planning at killing the groom, and the groom threatened to kill him.

Both families live within a distance of 50 meters

The families of Khubiram Prajapati’s son Giriraj Singh and the accused Anish son Harlal reside at 50 meters in the village of Mubarikpur. It is believed that the village is full fear within the village of the youth who is accused of the crime and his accomplices. They continue to commit acts of violence in the village each day.

Vedpal is alias Veerpal, who is a local of Kalupura village and his family members are shocked after the wedding of Kajal was killed during an unplanned procession that took place from Rabupura town towards Mathura. Following the incident, family members and their relatives returned to their homes at dawn on the Friday. During this time, the locals grieved after meeting their family members.

Shivraj Sharma from the village of Kalupura said that the suspect Anish has threatened to kill the groom as well. A majority of the baratis returned to Kalupura following Jaymala the previous day. Then Vedpal, the bride Vedpal as well as his household returned to Kalupura at dawn on Friday following the incident which took place prior to the night’s rounds. When they returned, the entire family including the groom are shocked. In the meantime family members told them that after murdering the bride there was a plot to murder the groom as well. If the situation wasn’t dealt with in time and the groom was not dealt with, then he could also have been shot dead.

When they arrived in Kalupura The family members did not leave of the home. Vedpal’s father Matru is a farmer who shares the farm. In addition, Vedpal is an employee at a business located in Noida. Kajal’s father Khushiram is also a driver of an rickshaw in Noida. The villager’s report says that the Vedpal family is considered to be very wealthy within the village. There was no opposition against his relatives.


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