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The cost of taking bribe was high: CBI court sentenced PNB manager to four years imprisonment, along with a fine of one thousand rupees

Dharampal Dhull, Punjab National Bank manager, was sentenced by a special CBI court to four years imprisonment for accepting a Rs 10,000 bribe. The bank manager was also fined Rs 1 lakh by the court. The CBI team arrested the suspect red-handed for taking bribes.

The March 3, 2016 filing date of the case is March 3, 2016. CBI team caught Punjab National Bank Fatehpur Hisar (Hisar), Dharampal Dhull in red-handed, taking a bribe to pass the loan. Sandeep Kumar, a Fatehpur resident, had applied for a loan in Fatehpur under the Prime Minister’s Employment Scheme.

The loan was approved by the bank on 18/12/15. The bank also provided information on the loan approval, but he was still asking for the amount. Dharampal Dhul, the bank manager, demanded a three percent commission. 18000 rupees to get the loan approved.

Sandeep stated that he would pay this amount in two installments. He complained to the CBI team at Chandigarh about his demand for a bribe. CBI DSP Jagdish, the CBI DSP Jagdish, verified the complaint and formed a team in an attempt to capture the manager. Although the team set up a trap to capture Dhull, he had already changed his position.

Sandeep called the manager, and he called him at his Kaithal house in Sector-19. Sandeep was given 10 thousand rupees by the team, which were fitted with invisible chemicals. He had to give it to the manager. After taking the money from Sandeep, the CBI team went to his house and seized him. Also, 10 thousand rupees worth of bribes were recovered. CBI officers investigated the matter and submitted a special court charge sheet. The court sentenced the manager guilty to four years imprisonment.

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