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The fraud case is filed against Karan Johar, does such an act with the film’s writer

A huge case has been brought in the case of Karan Johar and this big case has to do with his film, ‘Jug Jug Jio’. There is a man living in Ranchi, Vishal Singh, his treatment is based on the film being made. This jug lives, a similar story was also sent to him under his name as Balli Rani. Karan returned to the story and made a film about his own story. Now, in this instance, Vishal Singh had earlier brought the matter up via Twitter as well as on social media, but this issue has been brought to court. In this, he declared three persons as a party.

One of them is Karan Johar which is his banner. Dharma Production is his banner as well as Y Com 18 in which the producer is a third. Thirdly, the story he wrote the Screen Writers Association as well as he has had the story recorded with Screen Writers Association. It is a common practice in Bollywood when you write a story, the story must be registered. have to register it, to ensure that whenever you file a claim that you have to show a receipt for the claim.

It is my responsibility to have to tell you that on the date of this post, I registered my story which is why this is the real story. Vishal Singh has the receipt, and also all the details of the email that he submitted the story to Dharma Productions. Then there were no responses from Dharma Productions, but later when the commercial was released and they declared that they would like to receive the amount in the amount of 1.5 crores.

Imagine the scenario that Karan Johar, who claims that Indian culture is promoted by the films he makes, has faced with such a negative image. But, the case will be heard again on the 18th of June which means they’ll have to give clarification again. It is believed that the Copyright Act 1957 of our country that is part of India is accused of being in violation. Imagine the scenario that a filmmaker is making a film, and he has taken it from someone else and obtained it through lying.

Do you wonder what’s in all of this? In all of this, you’re trying to protect the writer’s money and you don’t wish to share the wealth with the writer. That’s the reason you do these things. More importantly, you can offer a half-crore less to the smooth-looking heroes who you meet in the film and then pay the writer. If the shoe Bollywood is putting on that is making South cinema an instant hit, they’ll at the very least be able to stop falling.

A new generation of Veritors is rewarded. Your business is sinking and the work goes on and on. They don’t give a portion of them to the people who vote but they do it with the voters. What is wrong with this. Let us know in the comments what you think of this.

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