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The Little Things You Missed in The Second Thor Love and Thunder Trailer

It’s been more than one month since the initial “Thor the Love of Thunder” teaser trailer debuted and the first full-length trailer is out. MCU fans will be offered a more extensive look at Chris Hemsworth’s project that premiered in game 4 of NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals. While the game of Boston Celtics and Miami Heat was Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, the real highlight of the evening was the deeper look into the vibrant world created by Taika Waititi.

The first trailer to “Thor: Love and Thunder” has arrived just less than six weeks before the opening on July 8 of the fourth film in the solo series starring Thor as the God of Thunder — and it’s exactly what we need to get us through. The teaser that was released in April provides an excellent glimpse of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Waititi) as well as Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) The new trailer introduces the characters that are new and exciting that we’ve been eager to see an inside look at. Also, there are new places to discover, a lot of funny quips as well as hints at the story that is yet to be told.

Let’s look at the second “Thor” Love and Thunder” trailer, and look into the little details that you may have missed.

Thor is getting in shape

Thor: Love And Thunder

The last time filmgoers watched Thor was in the year 2019’s “Avengers Endgame.” Thor was a part of helping the Avengers bring back half of life on earth and defeated Thanos (Josh Brolin) one and for all. In the months prior to the time-traveling plan is completed and The God of Thunder’s failure to stop Thanos in the course of “Avengers Infinity War” is a burden on the mental well-being of his character. In the process, the god of thunder gains weight and is at home, away from the chaos that is New Asgard, as much as he can. As we watch “Thor: Love and Thunder,” we’ll see how the God of Thunder undergoes a second physical transformation.

The initial “Love and Thunder” trailer offered an insight into Thor’s amazing exercise routine, with him making massive chains in order to get a sweat on. The fans can see more of the training montage that reveals an additional aspect of his workout program which is resistance training. As one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor has access to Benatar for any and all needs and it appears like this need is pulling the huge ship when it is flying in the reverse direction. It’s possible that Thor instructs his team members to fly their ships away from him while he tries in pulling the ship back with an enormous chain and if this is the case then we’re excited to watch the conversation unfold. While doing so wear an appropriate 1980s-inspired sweatband.

Based on the “Love and Thunder” promo materials that have been made available thus far, which mainly feature a more chiseled Thor and his chiseled body, it is logical that his exercise routine isn’t going to take up the majority of the movie’s running time. It’s still a nice addition.

Thor’s armor of battle is a comic book true

Thor: Love And Thunder

In the latest “Thor Thor: Love and Thunder” trailer we can see Thor dressed in a gold-colored armor suit with kneepads of black as well as a blue coat, a red cape, with silver spikes. MCU fans haven’t had the chance to see Thor sporting a suit of armor to this level of elegance and vividness in prior films however, the trailer teased this for the first time an image of Thor wearing his new outfit was released in May. While the costume isn’t brand new to MCU people, comics fans probably squealed with joy due to the fact that he appears wearing a comics-like variant of the comics-based Marvel Comics universe battle armor.

As Nerdist notes The first time Marvel fans have seen him in this armor comes as part of “Thor” Vol. 1, No. 378. The costume was designed by “Thor” creator Walt Simonson and artist Sal Buscema The outfit was first revealed in the issue of 1987. The story reveals that Thor creates the outfit as he suffers from the curse imposed upon his behalf by Hela who has caused Thor to become mortal, making his bones as fragile as paper, and prone to fracture at the slightest hit and never heal. Tony Stark forges a battle-toughened armor for Thor after he fractures his arm during a battle, and Thor, the God of Thunder is then able to create an armor made composed of materials that are indestructible to damage so that he is able to fight evil under the effects of. Thor is still wearing his armor, which he can remove and put on throughout the comics series.

Thor has been keeping track of the minutes since the last time he met Jane

Thor: Love And Thunder

While Thor has been ruminating on a lot of things over the past few years of the MCU but his separation off screen from his former love interest Jane Foster has been a painful spot for Thor. In the most recent movie trailer, Thor is smugly reciting the exact time that he’s been away from Jane (“Eight years seven months, eight years and 6 days”) while they reunite after Jane’s appearance as Mighty Thor. Even though Thor attempts to be as sly as he can about the reunion with Jane but it’s obvious that this fateful turn of events is affecting his feelings.

The last time Portman appeared live-action in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World,” although she was featured in “Avengers Endgame” by virtue of reusing “The Dark World” footage (via Entertainment Weekly). Of course, MCU fans have known Portman was coming back in”Thor” the “Thor” series after San Diego Comic-Con 2019 (via Variety). Teaser footage for “Thor: Love and Thunder” provides the first glimpse of the new costume of the character, however, this trailer’s full length is the most thorough view of Mighty Thor yet.

While Thor the first Avenger is in shock to be able to see Jane appearing in the middle of what seems to be a fierce battle, it’s not that Thor’s ex-love isn’t at the forefront of his thoughts. In fact, judging by the precision and exactness of his reaction to the last time they were together, he seems more in love with Jane than he has ever been. A different scene follows, Thor praises Jane for her combat skills as Mighty Thor and tells her. There is a hint of how Mighty Thor is doing her best to appear cool, saying, “It’s just my first bad guy.” In reply, Thor replies, “You will never forget the first time,” without even a hint of irony.

In addition, at the 1:44 second point, two warriors wearing forearm guards wearing capes appear to be embracing pinky fingers. While we don’t know for certain, there is a rumor about the possibility that Thor as well as Mighty Thor might be a thing again.

Have a good look at Gorr The God Butcher

Thor: Love And Thunder

The one thing that was completely missing from the original “Thor The Love And Thunder” trailer was the inclusion of an antagonist for our heroes to battle. The new trailer rectifies the omission by offering glimpses of Gorr who is the God Butcher (Christian Bale). In the handful of shots we see of him in the trailer, we see him wearing basic white robes, holding an ebony sword that viewers must immediately identify as the Necrosword, and is seated in the dark and spooky location that has an uncanny resemblance to frightening Necroverse. Gorr appears to be unsettlingly quiet, methodical, and more than terrifying, just as his comic book counterpart.

In comparison to Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Gorr hasn’t spent much time in the pages of Marvel Comics. In 2012’s “Thor: God of Thunder” No. 2. He’s depicted as a religious person who holds on to his faith even when crisis after crisis unfolds around him. After the death of his family members, He begins to doubt his faith in the god he cries too, only to be confronted by two gods in combat. Disappointed by their indifference to the suffering of others He kills one of them with the All-Black Necrosword and begins his worldwide campaign to kill the gods that remain.

It’s not clear how exactly Gorr’s “Love and Thunder” version of Gorr will be able to follow the same path as the original material, but one thing is evident from this trailer: Gorr isn’t someone to play around with.

A Valkyrie Steed has popped up in the chatroom

One of the images from the new “Thor” Love and Thunder” trailer features the winged horse falling from the sky, in the middle of a stunning orange cloud. Because Tessa Thompson is set to play a major role in the film and reprise the role of Valkyrie following her appearance in the role in “Thor: Ragnarok,” it’s likely that it’s the same white-winged horse we’ve seen previously in MCU films. In the unforgettable “Ragnarok” flashback, Valkyrie rides a winged horse into battle with Hela (Cate Blanchett). The creatures feared by the Valkyrie are referred to as Valkyrie Steeds. All except one were destroyed in the doomed assault on Hela in Hel the film “Ragnarok.”

Thompson’s Valkyrie leads the attack, and when her companions Valkyrie are destroyed by Hela and she escapes onto the planet Sakaar. In the end, however, during the final battle of “Avengers Endgame”, she is able to emerge from a portal in New Asgard to the Avengers compound and rides the last remaining Valkyrie Steed to fight Thanos. It seems like she’s taken excellent care of this animal as it flies majestically through the skies in the latest “Thor The”Love as well as Thunder” trailer.

Because Valkyrie is the current King of New Asgard, making her the official title of”King” Valkyrie (via ComicBook), it’s only fitting that she’s got a horse suitable for the throne. The horse is prominently featured on the latest trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” and also (via Twitter) and it’s likely we’ll see lots of King Valkyrie’s trusted horse when the film opens in July.

Mighty Thor uses Mjolnir in an interesting locale

Around 1:47 at the time of 1:47 in the “Thor The Love of Thunder” trailer, we witness Mighty Thor, aka Jane Foster, holding Mjolnir over her head. She summons light when she is standing in a spooky cave with massive golden statues in front of the wall. Since it’s the MCU it’s not simply a few random schmoes placed in the background to have amusement. Although we don’t know for certain where Jane is currently but we know that this is important as the statues look like some of the most famous characters from the entire universe of Marvel Comics.

On the right-hand left, we can see the Living Tribunal at the front on the right-hand left. The guardian of the multiverse is present from the start of time. It is comprised of 3 heads: One unveiled with a layer of cloth, and the third one is completely entirely covered by cloth. The multiversal creature can keep good and evil in it and acts as a protector to maintain the balance of the universe. The Living Tribunal on the right is The Watcher, who “What is the best case scenario …?” viewers should be familiar with already. While Watchers are an extraterrestrial race of beings, it’s not sure who this particular entity has been identified as, though there’s a good chance that it’s Uatu (voiced by Jeffrey Wright) from the Disney+ animated series.

To the left side, and to the front, we will see Death with her bones in skeletal appearance. It may appear to be Red Skull at first glance however, but he’s unprepared when it comes down to the abilities of the people inside this hall. Death is a different cosmic entity that symbolizes destruction and decay according to the 1990’s “Thanos Quest No. 1-2.” Behind Death is the statue of Death. It’s difficult to understand however, it appears it could be Eon another cosmic entity that embodies the concept of time itself. To the left-hand corner, there is Infinity which is, as you can guess an additional cosmic being. Infinity represents all of creation and space however, every universe is its own Infinity and multiple.

Zeus the accidental designer for the Thor thirst trap Zeus, the infamous creator of the Thor thirst trap, finally speaks

The most recent “Thor the Lover and The Thunder” trailer definitely throws several brand new sequences at Marvel fans, such as the first glimpse of The villain Gorr (Christian Bale). In reality, most viewers are likely to be discussing one scene specifically which has nothing to have to do with a Necrosword-wielding baddie that is culled from comic book mythology. The fans finally got to see Russell Crowe’s MCU portrayal of Zeus speak, after he was briefly featured in the initial teaser trailer. This would be an exciting moment on its own. Then, Zeus, the Greek god himself employed his amazing supernatural powers to miraculously slide away Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) clothing. Yes, all his clothes.

The scene is a blurry view of Thor’s backside, this does not hinder fans from expressing their excitement over this sequence of things. In all seriousness, It’s still encouraging that director and writer Taika Waititi has kept the same humor that he used in “Thor: Ragnarok” for this movie. These little moments can show that, especially when compared to the more serious elements of the trailer, which focus on Gorr and his quest to murder every god within the universe. Additionally, it offers viewers a glimpse at how other gods will integrate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s at least up until Gorr (presumably) is able to get his hands on them.

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