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Top 5 Haryana News, 05 July 2021 – Check These Latest News from Haryana

1. Fierce in Haryana Congress after Punjab: Demand for change of leadership, 10 MLAs met KC Venugopal

Haryana Congress has been rumbling about the demands for a leadership change. On Monday, Congress MLAs met KC Venugopal, general secretary of the party’s organization. The MLAs are pressing the high command to restructure the leadership. Ten MLAs gathered against Kumari Selja, met with Venugopal, the party in charge in Delhi, and demanded that Haryana’s leadership be changed.

Other party leaders, including Geeta Bhukkal and Dr. Raghubir Khan, Aftab Ahmed, and Rao Dan Singh, met with the in-charge. Bishanlal Saini, Balbir Vaini, Rajendra Singh Jun, Dharam Singh Chokkar, Rajendra Singh Jun and other leaders. Of. Everyone agreed that Haryana’s command should be given to Hooda.

The MLAs referred to the results from the last assembly elections and said that Hooda would have had full ticket distribution rights last time. Today, the Congress government would be in Haryana. Hooda should be given the command by the high command. All the profits and losses will be credited to their accounts. Hooda can lead Haryana’s Congress once more.

According to the MLAs, not all is said before the camera. We have made our point to the party organization. Many things take place within the party. In Haryana, there is no organization. Although it has been over two years since the appointment, where is the organization?

Hooda is the leader for the people. He has the credibility of his people which has not been achieved by any other leader. They should accept the command. The MLAs claim that Rahul Gandhi will be present in the matter soon. Venugopal assured that the problem would be solved soon after they have discussed all issues.

Hooda and Dipendra will be meeting after the meeting of MLAs

Sources say that Venugopal has spoken with about 10 MLAs today. Venugopal will be greeted by the same number of MLAs tomorrow. The former Chief Minister Bhupendra Hooda, and his son Deependra Hooda, will meet after the meeting. The Hooda camp remains steadfast in demanding that Haryana’s leadership be changed. It remains to be seen how much the Congress high command will comply with this demand.

2. Case of selling fake Remdesivir: ten thousand injections of 2.64 lakhs sold for 25 crores, the price increased at every step

They were accused of selling fake Remdesivir stickers on antibiotic injection vials. This turned the Corona period’s disaster into an opportunity. Haryana saw an illegal trade of Rs 25 crore with just 10,000 antibiotic injections, which was only Rs 2.64 lakh. This means that an average Rs 22 injection was sold for 25 thousand rupees. It took advantage of the coercion of relatives of corona patients.

On Sunday, Mohammad Shahwar and Mohammad Akhlad, his friends, were arrested by the Panipat Police. Shah Alam was also taken into custody. Ropar Police of Punjab also arrested Shah Alam’s brother, fifth accused Shahnazar.

The accused purchased 12,000 antibiotic injections from Panchkula-based pharmaceutical company Himachal. It cost Rs 2.64 lakh. Shahwar sold 10,000 injections at Rs 5000 each to wholesalers of Haryana, Punjab, and Uttarakhand medications after putting Remdesivir injection stickers on the injections. Shahwar made five crore rupees selling 10,000 injections in one stroke.

The wholesaler of medicine sold the product to the injector for Rs 15,000, a profit of Rs 10,000 per infusion. On 10,000 Remdesivir injections, wholesale traders made Rs 10 crore. This one fake injection was sold to relatives of patients for an average of 25 000 rupees. Retailers drew Rs 2,000 per injection from class IV employees at private hospitals to lure them. They also retained Rs 8,000 per injection. The relatives of the infected patients administered an injection of Rs 30 to Remdesivir, which treated fever and pneumonia. It cost Rs 25-25 thousand. Eight rupees was spent to print a fake Remdesivir level on an antibiotic injection of 22, rupees.

10 crore game for four thousand injections, worth 88 000 in Panipat

Pradeep, a Panipat wholesaler of medicine, took 4000 injections. Pradeep, a Hyderabadi hospital medical store owner, sold four thousand injections at a profit of four million rupees. Panipat saw 88 000 injections at Rs 10 crore. However, some of the four thousand were recovered by police.

3. Health department team took action in Punjab, busted fetal sex screening gang, the woman caught with 27 thousand

A gang of sex testers was found in the vehicle. The Health Department team raided Basaur village on Dhuri–Malerkotla Road, Punjab. The Health Department team has captured the woman who was a middleman in the gang and she is being held at 27 thousand rupees. After seeing the team, however, the doctor who performed the fetal sexual test ran away.

The doctor was using an ultrasound machine in the car to examine the gender of the fetus. The Health Department, Fatehabad filed a complaint against Dr. Malkit Singh (resident of Ahmedgarh in Punjab) and Karmjit Kaur (resident of Ratia, Ratia police station).

Sirsa, the Health Department received information about illegal sex testing in Fatehabad. The team was formed by Dr. Viresh, Fatehabad Civil Surgery. In which Dr. Girish, Deputy Civil Surgeon, was also included. Officers from Sirsa Health Department joined the team.

The decoy patient was sent by the team to the middleman in the gang for fetal sex testing. The woman called Ratia’s Ghaggar bridge on Monday to request 27 thousand rupees for the fetal sexual test. The accused woman went to Punjab and took 27 thousand rupees as a substitute for fetal sexual tests.

She brought her to Basaur, Punjab via the Dhuri-Malerkotla route via Bhikhi and Sangrur. The driver of a car arrived and performed an ultrasound on the decoy inside the vehicle. The team arrived and Malkit Singh, the driver of the ultrasound, drove the car away. Kermjit Kaur was arrested by the team and he was subsequently seized by the team with 27 thousand cash. The Health Department caught Malkit Singh in 2018 with an unregistered ultrasonic machine.

4. WhatsApp group of 31 Olympians of Haryana formed, Sports Minister also joined, every problem will be solved

31 Haryana athletes are taking part in the Tokyo Olympics. A WhatsApp group has been created to help these players in such an emergency. The group also includes Pankaj Nain, Sports Director, and Sandeep Singh, Sports Minister.

On Sunday, three admins were created for the Tokyo 2020 WhatsApp group. They are the Sports Minister, Sandeep Poonia, Olympian, and Sports Director. The Sports Minister and the Sports Director spoke by video to all players on Sunday. All players were assured that they will not be faced with any problems during the Olympics. Any file that is not removed from the sports directorate for any player will be immediately deleted.

Sandeep Poonia, an Olympian from Mahendragarh, has been awarded a certificate A gradation that will be valid for two years. According to the Sports Minister, CM Manohar Lal had assured that big announcements would be made after the Olympics by organizing a large program that would mean a lot for the state’s sportspeople.

After two years, Sandeep Poonia received his A gradation certificate

Sandeep Poonia, Olympian, applied for A Graduation Certificate in 2019. This has been released by the Sports Department. Due to controversy, the allotment was halted. Sandeep Poonia stated that all 31 Olympians from Haryana had promised the Director and Minister that they would risk their lives to bring the country medals.

Haryana will host the entire Olympic wrestling team. This was achieved even before the Olympics began. Because no wrestler from any other state could qualify for the Olympics. Apart from that, Haryana’s 11 hockey players will be playing in the men’s and women’s hockey teams. This is a significant achievement for Haryana. Vikas Krishna, a great player, will also be deciding the Olympic journey for the third consecutive year. Seven players Surendra and Vinesh Phogat will also be participating in the Olympics.

5. Petrol price in Haryana increased by Rs 96.99 per liter, diesel by Rs 89.45 per liter

The prices of diesel and petrol continue to rise. The price of petrol in Haryana has risen to Rs 96.99 per Liter on July 5. Diesel has gone up to Rs 89.45 a liter. The price of diesel in Chandigarh has increased by Rs 89.00, and petrol by Rs 96.03 per Liter.

Find out the average price of your city

You can also get the petrol and diesel prices via SMS. IndianOil’s website requires that you enter your RSP space and your city code, then send it to the number 9224992249. You can find the code for your city on the IOCL website.

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