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Top 5 Haryana News Today | 14 July 2021 | Latest Haryana News

1. There are many challenges facing the new governor. Farmers’ movement must be reconciled from all angles

It was a crucial moment when Bandaru Dattatreya, the Governor of Haryana, was appointed. For a long time, the state has struggled with farmers’ agitation. At its height, the conflict between farmers and the coalition government has reached its peak. They face a formidable challenge from allegations of SYL and drug abuse, drug smuggling as well as increasing crime and favoritism by the opposition.

INLD hoped that the new governor would allow them to be heard. Dattatreya is facing many difficulties in Haryana, compared to Himachal Pradesh which is a peaceful state. The knot of the coalition government must be strengthened, and the opposition’s expectations must be met. Former governor Satyadev Narayan Arya has been accused of bias by the opposition, social and political organizations. These allegations were strengthened further by the non-granting of time to Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Leader of Opposition, to discuss the farmers’ agitation.

Dattatreya will have to wash away any traces of favoritism after taking the oath. Bandaru was known before becoming governor as an outspoken Khanty leader for the BJP. They are expected to find a constitution to end the conflict between farmers and BJP leaders of Haryana.

Every election sees the issue of SYL heated up. Next year there will be elections in Punjab. It is likely that it will rise once again. Haryana is under constant pressure to get its water share. The Governor’s role in this will remain a focus. It is difficult to control growing crime, along with drug smuggling and drug smuggling within the state. His position on inter-state issues has been clear. Therefore, his role in the resolution of the controversial issues of Himachal, Haryana, and Punjab will be crucial. The Governor’s actions to activate the Red Cross, and other institutions in order to combat the possible third Corona wave will be watched closely.

Tripura’s special relationship with Haryana

Haryana has a special relationship now with Tripura. The Governor of Tripura is a former State Congress member and state president Chaudhary Singh Singh. Kaptan Singh Solanki (the Governor of Haryana at the time), was transferred to Tripura shortly after his term expired. The term was completed by the outgoing Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya.

2. Maruti wants to establish another Haryana plant, so he sought 900 acres of land from the Kharkhoda government

Maruti Suzuki wants to establish a new large plant in Haryana. The company has applied for more than 900 acres of land from the Kharkhoda district state government. This information was shared by Dushyant Chautala, Deputy Chief Minister, in a Tuesday conversation with reporters at JJP’s state office. Chautala refuted Randeep Surjewala’s claims about Maruti’s exodus. He stated that Maruti has not moved any of its plants to Haryana. In the next two weeks, Haryana will see large investments.

He said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal used to be present at the meeting and that it was conducted via video conferencing with Maruti-Suzuki’s senior representatives. For the establishment of its Kharkhoda plant, the company applied for land from HSIIDC. Suzuki Company has requested more than 800 acres to produce vehicles and more than 100 acres for bikes.

He expressed his hope that the government would help to build a Maruti plant in Haryana on the same soil as ATL and Flipkart. Foreign companies such as Hyundai and Nissan are interested in setting up plants here under the new vehicle policy. Two large vehicle battery manufacturers have also been discussed by the government. Despite the corona crisis, state revenue has increased. Will send a letter to the commission concerning the election of Panch Sarpanch.

The Deputy Chief Minister stated that three petitions were filed at the High Court regarding the Panchayat elections. These petitions are currently being heard. If the Zilla Parishad rescheduled the election, the government can hold the election of Panch Sarpanch and leave the Zilla Parishad or Block Samiti. This will be addressed by the government to the Election Commission.

Haryana is not the only place where Congress factionalism is practiced. Dushyant Chautala, speaking out on the current upheavals in the Haryana Congress, said that factionalism is not restricted to Haryana. This is how Congress should be until the top. Congress must correct its top leadership before Haryana. He described the history of America and said that no political party had been elected to power for more than 100 consecutive years. The Congress is the same. Congress has been around one hundred fifty years. Now, the Congress’s top teams are leading the party to the finish.

3. Haryana’s petrol price has increased by Rs. 98.28/liter. Diesel is being sold at this rate

The price of petrol in Haryana has risen to Rs 98.28 a liter since July 14. Diesel has now cost Rs 89.81 per Liter. The price of diesel in Chandigarh has gone up by Rs 89.35, and petrol at Rs 97.31 per unit.

Find out the average price of your city

You can also get the petrol and diesel prices via SMS. IndianOil’s website requires that you enter your RSP space and your city code, then send it to the number 9224992249. You can find the code for your city on the IOCL website.

4. Farmers’ faces bloomed after receiving 190mm of rain in Karnal. This is a 30-year record.

After a long period, Monsoon was finally active in Haryana. On Tuesday, Karnal received a record-breaking 190mm of rain. The record for the longest drought in 30 years was broken there. The torrential rain brought smiles to the faces of farmers. The heat was relieved. Yamunanagar got 70mm of rain.

Due to heavy rains, the water from the rivers Som and Pathrala entered Yamunanagar’s villages, flooding many villages. The city became waterlogged after three hours of rain in Karnal. This caused traffic disruptions lasting four hours. Heavy damage was caused by water entering hundreds of shops and houses.

How much rain is there (mm)?

City – rain

Karnal – 190

Yamunanagar – 70

Gurugram – 51.6

Ambala – 26

Kurukshetra – 15

Panipat – 20

Rain causes temperature drops

The rain that started at 12.30 on Tuesday in Bathinda (Punjab) continued for half an hour. Apart from the old Tehsil premises there was waterlogging of up to two feet elsewhere. The sun shone brightly after the rain had stopped. Surinderpal Singh, a Meteorological Department official, stated that Tuesday saw 20.5mm of rain. Rain is possible on the 14th of July.

Dr. Surinder: Rain is better for maize and paddy crops

Dr. Surinder Singh (District Chief Agriculture Officer), Jalandhar stated that the rains are good for maize and paddy crops. Farmers will be able to forget about their problems. He stated that the farmers were facing problems due to electricity and the paddy sowing was slow. The situation will improve when it rains.

5. Massive fire in carpet factory, flames rose even after 24 hours. Wall and ceiling fell.

In Panipat’s Part-2 Sector-29, Weavers India CCP carpet factory, a fire broke out. The fire was so intense that the goods continued to burn even after Tuesday’s whole day and Monday night. Twelve fire tenders attempted to put out the flames by making more than 120 rounds during the day.

It rained on Tuesday and helped firefighters. However, the factory’s entire material was set on fire. The factory’s roof and a wall collapsed simultaneously. Amit Goyal is a Model Town resident who rented a factory at Sector-29 Part-2. After seeing flames rise in the Weavers India CCP Carpet, Guard Ramvriksha called the owner. After seeing the flames rising in the Weavers India CCP carpet around 9 pm on Monday night, Guard Ramvriksha called 911. The fire department was immediately called and firefighters arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire.

Yadvendra Sharma, a fire officer, stated that the 12 fire engines made approximately 120 rounds to put out the flames. Firefighters arrived on the scene 48 minutes later and attempted to put out the flames. According to the factory owner, he suffered severe injuries from the fire. Due to the fire, his factory’s ceiling and a wall collapsed.

Fear of fire caused by a short circuit

Amit Goyal, the factory owner, said that the cause of the fire was still unknown. According to him, there was no work in the factory at night. Outside the factory is a guard. The factory’s short circuit could have been a factor in the fire.

Three vehicles left

According to the officer, he was there for the entire night. The vehicles continued to make rounds, dousing the fire that had started at 9 p.m. At four in the morning, the fire had slowed. The lens began to fall. The vehicles were able to put out the flames by circling. The flames are slowly rising, but the roof is threatening to collapse. Three vehicles were left on the spot by the man, and they are still working. Two nearby factories were also alerted.


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