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Under the second master plan, the community center built in the village became ruins, CAG expressed concern in 2005

Based on Vijendra Singh, a resident of village Mubarikpur, maybe perhaps not one center was given to the villagers throughout town center built on roughly a half acres of property in their own village. This federal government office was started in making identity cards while the dispensary has not changed here in order to present medical centers to the villagers.
The windows of this middle and everywhere have been divided through time. For this reason, it has grown into a ruin. Balwant Singh of the village states this is the most significant center on the list of centers constructed in most cities of Delhi, however, it’s been useful for providing facilities to the villagers.

DDA has just published the draft of this Master Strategy of Delhi-2041 and lots of provisions are made inside it to its growth of cities and offering amenities to the villagers. Even the Delhi government had built community centers in 75 villages around two and a half a year before, however, the role of building them hasn’t yet been fulfilled prior to the date. The particular issue is that while within the calendar year 2005, the CAG had voiced concern in its own report within this aspect. Nevertheless, no initiative was drawn in the way of providing facilities to the villagers throughout those community centers.

No effort has been shot in the direction of providing basic facilities to the villagers throughout the town center of one village. Additionally, the villagers weren’t motivated to prepare weddings, etc., from the city centers. The complex of those community centers, assembled using one or two yards, wasn’t taken much interest in maintaining their construction. Likewise, no initiative has been chosen to populate industry generated in such centers. For this reason, now town centers in nearly all of the villages are becoming ruins.

Following the dissolution of the Metropolitan Council at Delhi, following the calendar year 1952, yet more after the meeting has been comprised from the calendar year 1993, the government started the practice of executing the 2nd venture program. Throughout this, it had been decided to install community centers from the villages. Back in 75 out of 365 cities of Delhi, five divisions were entrusted with the job of preparing community centers at the oldest if G Sabha property can be found with the populace, and such branches assembled community centers in most 75 villages throughout roughly a couple of decades ago There is not any limitation to the joys of this villagers after obtaining the facilities such as the city in town, but their enjoyment converted to grief after a couple of days.

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