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UP Board 12th Result 2022: Girls won unilaterally over boys between 10th-12th. See who was the top performer and how many marks.

Uttar Pradesh Board for Secondary Education’s 10th as well as the 12th exam results have been announced. Prince Patel of Fatehpur won in the 10th grade while Divyanshi of Fatehpur was the top performer in the 12th. When we look at the results of the high school and intermediate examinations it was a fierce contest among the students. But, the girls prevailed in the game. Find out which topper scored how many points…

A boy in high school, and a girl became a top performer in Inter

Prince Patel topped the high school results. He got 97.67 percent scores. Prince declares his dream of joining the Army. However, Divyanshi of Fatehpur won the intermediate exam. He was the top performer in the board exam with 95.40 percent scores.

19 at high school and 15, in the Intermediate the top 10

In the examination for high school results, 27 students have earned their way to the top 10. It is notable that 19 girls make it into the top students on this list. 28 individuals are in the top 10 in the intermediate exam. There are 13 girls and 13 boys who are part of this.

These girls took home awards in high school.

1. Sanskriti Thakur- Moradabad

2. Kiran Kushwaha- Kanpur

Percentage- 97.50

3. Palak Awasthi- Kanpur

4. Aastha Singh- Prayagraj

Percentage 97.17

5. Ekta Verma- Sitapur,

6. Nancy Verma – Kanpur

7. Pranshi Dwivedi-Kanpur

Percentage- 97.00

8. Sheetal Verma- Sitapur

Percentage- 96.83

9. Ishita Verma-Sitapur,

10. Kashish Yadav- Rae Bareli

11. Harshita Sharma- Mau

Percentage- 96.50

12. Omshi Singh- Lalitpur

13. Anjali Chauhan- Mau

Percentage- 96.33

14. Anupriya Jain-Lalitpur

15. Roshni Nishad-Fatehpur

Percentage- 96.17

16. Harshita Singh- Chitrakoot

17.Aastha Tiwari- Prayagraj

18. Nishita Yadav- Ayodhya

19. Anshu Yadav- Deoria

Percentage- 96.00

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