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Uttarakhand Bus Accident: 26 people killed in accident on Yamunotri National Highway. Rescue work underway

Near Damta Rikhaon Khad, Yamunotri National Highway, a terrible accident occurred. Uncontrollably, a bus fell into a ditch. According to reports, there were 28 people on the bus. 26 bodies have been found so far. The spot was immediately reached by the police and the SDRF team. The rescue efforts continue. The disaster control room has been reached by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dahi. He has instructed the proper treatment of those who were injured.

Bus (UK-041541) had left Haridwar. The bus could carry 28 people, with the exception of the conductor and driver. All of the passengers are believed to be from Panna, Madhya Pradesh. According to Purola Ashok Kumar, 26 bodies were removed. They are still being identified.

District Disaster Management Center claims that 27-28 people were on the bus.

Udai Singh, a bus rider, and Haki Raja, his wife were rescued. Haki Raja was admitted to Damta Primary Health Center. Uday Singh has sustained serious injuries. Uday Singh sustained minor injuries. The District Disaster Management Center says that the bus was carrying 27-28 people.

The sight of the bodies on the ground shocked many people.

Damta was a chaotic place. There was screaming and chaos as soon as the bus crashed into the ditch. Anyone who heard of this horrible accident ran. The accident resulted in the bus being blown up. The ground was also covered in bodies. People felt their souls tremble when they saw the scene.

Declaration of Compensation

Prime Minister Modi expressed his grief at the accident. He said that the Uttarakhand bus accident was very distressing. My condolences go out to the families who have lost loved ones. The local administration is working on the spot under the supervision of state government. The Prime Minister announced compensation. PMNRF will give Rs 2 lakh to the next-of-kin of the victims and Rs 50,000 to the injured.

Recovered bodies of 26 passengers

SHO Purolaashok Kumar said that he was there. The bus crashed into a 150-200 meter deep gorge, which then blew away. 26 bodies have been found. The bus carried 28 passengers. The bus was unable to transport the bodies due to the darkness and deep ditch. Two bodies have so far been transported to the road.

Our team is in constant contact with the Uttarakhand government- Shivraj Sin Chouhan

MP CM Shivraj Sing Chouhan stated that it was unfortunate that pilgrims from Panna fell into a gorge in Uttarakhand. Our team remains in constant contact with the Government of Uttarakhand. We are making arrangements to help the injured and bring back the bodies of the deceased.

Amit Shah, Home Minister, expressed his grief

Amit Shah, Home Minister, has expressed his grief at the accident. Amit Shah has spoken to CM Pushkar Singh Dhami regarding the accident. Shah tweeted that he had spoken with CM Pushkar Singh Dhami about the accident. Rescue work is being done by the SDRF and local administration. The injured are being transported to a nearby hospital. The NDRF team is also helping.

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