A mere 20-year-old rock star Billie Elish's super-hot look rocked at the Met Gala 2022 

American Music Queen Billie Elish was spotted in her stunning outfit on the Red Carpet. 

The world went wild when they saw her. She looked stunning and her body attracted her fans. 

Everybody was eagerly awaiting their most-loved Celebrities to walk the Met Gala Red Carpet 2022. 

This Beauty Queen has replaced Bridgerton’s Ruby Stokes

The actress wore an off-white dress with the neck that swung upwards, which caused an uproar at the Met Gala Red Carpet. 

Alongside it is the title "A Lovely Night" on her instagram pictures.

Following the success of "Ocean Eyes" the actress became very well-known. 

Billie Elish has a significant social media following, with more than 100 million users on Instagram but she does not follow anyone.