Johnny Depp will release a new record with friend Jeff Beck.

A brand new project by Johnny Depp will shortly be coming to the market. 

A representative of Depp has confirmed that the actor will be planning to release a new album next month, along with the guitarist Jeff Beck. 

Beck announced the movie's forthcoming release date in the performance on June 2 with Depp on stage in Gateshead, England, per The Guardian. 

"I met this man five years ago , and we've not stopped laughing ever since," Beck noted.  

"We even recorded an album together. I'm not sure how it occurred. It's due out in July." 

The actor first performed with Beck at a show in Sheffield on the 29th of May.  

Moss's performance was only six days after she was a witness in Depp's defamation case for his wife Amber Heard.