Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Ashoka) All we know so far.

Star Wars is a highly-regarded franchise with many favorite characters. 

Ashoka Tano's tale may be the most compelling. 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars transformed Ashoka from an arrogant learner into a patient Jedi Knight. 

Now that she is a household name, her story will continue with her live-action series. 

We didn't expect to see footage of the show while it is still being shot. 

Some videos were however shown at the Star Wars Celebration during the show's panel 

Unfortunately, not everyone who could attend was able to view the sizzle reel. 

Although no official date has been established, Ashoka will premiere sometime in 2023. 

The story will be set several decades after the Clone Wars franchise. 

Like most star wars projects, plot details will be kept to a minimum.