The Little Things You Missed in The Second Thor Love and Thunder Trailer 

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Thor is getting in shape. The last time filmgoers watched Thor was in the year 2019’s “Avengers Endgame.” 

The initial “Love and Thunder” trailer offered an insight into Thor’s amazing exercise routine, with him making massive chains in order to get a sweat on. 

The fans can see more of the training montage that reveals an additional aspect of his workout program which is resistance training. 

As one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor has access to Benatar for any and all needs and it appears like this need is pulling the huge ship when it is flying in the reverse direction. 

It’s possible that Thor instructs his team members to fly their ships away from him while he tries in pulling the ship back with an enormous chain and if this is the case then we’re excited to watch the conversation unfold. 

In the latest “Thor Thor: Love and Thunder” trailer we can see Thor dressed in a gold-colored armor suit with kneepads of black as well as a blue coat, a red cape, with silver spikes. 

MCU fans haven’t had the chance to see Thor sporting a suit of armor to this level of elegance and vividness in prior films however, the trailer teased this for the first time an image of Thor wearing his new outfit was released in May. 

While the costume isn’t brand new to MCU people, comics fans probably squealed with joy due to the fact that he appears wearing a comics-like variant of the comics-based Marvel Comics universe battle armor.