This Beauty Queen has replaced Bridgerton's Ruby Stokes 

Chris Van Dusen's TV Series Bridgerton which premiered in 2020 has become well-known on a different level. 

Francesca on Bridgerton's new season is expected to be in the front of our eyes soon. 

However, The Heart of Bridgerton Ruby Stokes has departed the show. 

You don't have to stress and worry since an alternative that is more appealing is available. 

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From the show Anatomy of a Scandal, Hannah Dodd will now assume the role of Bridgerton's sisters during season 3 of this Netflix series. 

Dodd is best known for the Netflix show Anatomy of a Scandal which she just finished. 

According to several sources, Dodd may shortly feature in the Enola Holmes Film. 

However, according to the reports Ruby Had a lot of problems with the production team. 

Then, she walked away from the show and is currently receiving other Netflix deals, including Lockwood and Co. 

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