Urfi Javed expressed her sadness says "I Will accept any religion, but will not be married to with a Muslim"

Urfi Javed is constantly on social media to show off her stylish style and bold responses. “I will never get married to any Muslim woman,”

Urfi Javed also said that they would like to rule all women in the community. That’s the reason why I don’t adhere to Islam.

"The main reason why they harass me is that I don’t act in the manner they want me to behave" says Urfi Javed.

The time Urfi was asked if he’d ever marry outside of his tribe? On this, she responded I would never marry a Muslim boy.

I don’t consider myself a believer in Islam. I do not adhere to any religion, therefore I don’t really care about whom I like. I’ll marry anyone I choose.

Urfi Javed believes that one shouldn’t be forced to adhere to Dharma. Every person has the right to choose to follow and practice his own religion.

It is not possible to force religion on your spouse and children. It should be a matter of the heart. If it’s not neither you nor Allah will be content.

My mother is an extremely religious woman, however, she did not force religion on us. My siblings and my brothers adhere to Islam However, I am not.

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