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Woman is evicted after she gave triple talaq and threatened to kill her if it was not done.

A case in North-East Delhi’s Jaffrabad has been reported where a woman was evicted from her home after she gave triple talaq. The victim reported the matter to the police. The police opened a case against the victim after an investigation. Interrogating the suspect.

Momina, 38, claims that she was beaten to death after giving birth to her daughter. The case has not been closed. After interrogating the victim, police are investigating the matter.

According to police, Momina is a resident of Jafrabad’s street number 25. Momika married Rashid, a Jafrabad resident, in 2005. The marriage cost more than 20 lakhs to the family. At first, everything was fine, but then her in-laws began to beat Momina.

She gave birth to her daughter in 2006. Her life was even worse. She was beaten by her in-laws over little things. He was sometimes left home. Her mother-in-law allegedly poisoned him with milk in September 2008. The family took him to the hospital when his health began to decline.

Momina didn’t report the matter to the police because of family problems. He was being dropped off at his maternal house every day. Momina saw another woman living at her in-laws’ home after the 2014 panchayat verdict.

Her husband beat her severely when she refused to give up. Momina was also strangled by the accused. He was then admitted to GTB Hospital. Momina eventually returned to her home with her in-laws after she had recovered.

According to the accusation, the accused gave triple Talaq to the victim on 28 May 2021 while she was under the influence of alcohol. He also forcibly signed papers. The victim was then thrown out of her home. The children complained and the victim was threatened with his death. The victim was upset and reported the matter to the police. The victim filed a complaint and the police opened an investigation.


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